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By the way if you are a new time listener, welcome to this show. Who is it for? What is about? Why should you be listening in the first place? What’s your benefit? Let me explain. It’s a show for you: the runner. If you want to become a better a stronger and most of all a smarter runner, then this is for you. Quick & informative, advice you can understand easily and use in your daily running life. And no this is not a quick fix, nope its rather a long-term approach to helping you develop a stronger mindset, find your intrinsic motivation and build it.You are never too good to get better. Do every run you do, with purpose. Mile by mile becomes a lot of miles… But signing up to a half marathon or a 10K any race really, is a commitment, and a big one at that. You’re making yourself a promise to meet a significant fitness goal. And, when you’re regularly tracking those miles, your fitness will drastically increase. There’s no perfect training plan, so just pick one and stick to it.

SHOWNOTES: What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links. Your “how to do it” run streak Run 365 Days: Your 365 Day Run Streak Brain Training For Runners’: Your Mental Guide To Better Running. Improve your discipline Accountability Coach. Add swimming to your run Become a better swimmer. Follow us on INSTAGRAM. Follow us on TWITTER. Follow us on YouTube. More about your HOST. Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

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