Slow motion running || Test yourself?

Today I will share with you one of the quickest easiest ways to improve your run. and hey, guess what it is a method that professional runners use. And you like that yeah, finally Heiko understood we want to train like pro’s… so here we go but first the intro… Yes today I am coming to you live from my podcast mobile studio. Always aiming to do my best, giving you my A-game… picture a sound isolated studio, boom, super expensive microphone, headphones on…. A big mixer, yeah well exactly not. My mobile studio is a 30 year old Golf, I am recording it here on top of a ridge overlooking a nicer-ish valley, but it is my home town and actually I know every single track trail best route crummiest route, feeling lazy bone route or Rambo mode route. If you want to check out the Golf head on over to my Instagram, if you want to see the valley, or just to get a feel for where I do a lot of my running… well since COVID anyway there is a really cool video done by a good friend of mine check it out I will include the link in the show notes, or just go to Facebook advanced endurance coaching scroll down… the video https://youtu.be/8bdqxEINn9Y Why am I telling you about this? What difference does it make? Great question… listen there are so many shows out there. Every day someone is starting a podcast, a show about motivation, or inspiration, pertaining to running gear, running styles with some or other promise. I don’t know about you, but there are only a handful of shows I listen to. Why, well first off I absolutely don’t want to hear 4 minutes ad about socks or a drink that will help me to become the next Kilian Journet. Then some of the podcasts it is a lot of content, but it lacks quality, there is not a lot I can do with it. Some people might enjoy listening to ramblings, but you know I prefer to understand who the person on the other end of the line is. It is my mind, every message you hear stays in your brain, somewhere in the subconscious mind. So I definitely don’t want to take advice from just anyone. Plus what does he or she base it on? What values does the podcaster actually have? And some of it contains too much profanity. That’s when I know this show isn’t for me. Sorry Joe Rogan, no can do. Enjoy your multimillion dollar deal… LoL. Sad that someone who attracts a lot of younger listeners thinks using swearwords is the way to go. It is therefore that I want to give you an honest picture of who I am and how I stumbled across this idea of making a podcast… So definitely there is room for improvement. Yes, the Instagram could be loads better, the Facebook a group and thanks to all those that have offered me their services. But to explain.

These training programs at hypnorun, it’s all based around the workshop, the actual real life training that I offer, or offered before the world started wearing masks, which is in the workshops we are providing runners with tools to increase their mental strength, registered brand RESET Reorganisation of Emotional Systems into Effective Transformation. Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves

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