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Yes, Heiko is my name… H-E-I-K-O so listen up today it’s about swim and run. The running part we talk about every week. And the topic usually is mental tools, mindset and a rethink of a attitude or a certain way you feel about a setback. Its where I offer tools to enable you to perhaps whilst listening you realize…. Ha, yes actually that’s right I should try that. It is all about how to progress. How to re-ignite your relationship with running. How to ensure you are not settling for less. Too many runners out there that yes, they enjoy running but somehow have settled for a level a distance a pace or a time that is so set inside their brain. You can identify it easily … when a runner says something like: ”I don’t do speed work” or “I never run track”… or if someone is a regular runner but doesn’t take part in an event… or lacks the vision to perhaps run the first marathon. Sentences like “I could never do that”. Or there are ready set sentences that show a limiting belief. Now why am I mentioning it? Is it not valid for a runner to say something like that? To answer or make such a statement? Actually no… before we know it, we are reaching a age where running won’t be possible anymore. Where

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