The Marathon || How to run the 42,2KM

Yes: today’s show is going to shed some light on how one distance, one event can provoke such different reactions in a group of people that share the same passion, namely running. And I know, there always are some runners’ that have worst case scenarios in regard to a marathon.

Those runners’ (an inexperienced coaches’ nightmare) that have heard stories… its 99% of the time hearsay… about THAT runner their friends friend, or cousin’s uncle, that wanted, or tired, or failed miserably at a marathon.

And the storyteller, of course added a bit of drama. A little more spice to the story. Obviously, we all love a good story don’t we?

Loosing toenails, swollen feet that are similar to the elephant foot disease. (Actually, I spent some years in India, and there would be beggars on the side of the road sitting and showing off their elephant foot. Ugh made me shudder…. Where was I… yes, the negative storyteller… other episodes I have heard are constant body pain, upset stomach, the man with the hammer during the last ¾ of the marathon.

Of course, look it might be that you suffer. But, a lot of that probability or a way to reduce the likeliness of one those situations can be avoided with proper training and preparation. Means those stories that circulate… you can reduce it to a typical guy challenge…

– “let’s see if you can run a marathon without training”…

– “I know I can run without training! I will make it”…

And make it they might. But the price they pay is … no… there is no price, the runners’ with that mentality they WANT a story. Attention grabbing.

There are two videos on YouTube that I just found… no its not that I researched it, I just searched for how to run a marathon without training. One video has 1.5 million views, and the other video 2.5 million views.

In comparison the video “How to train for a marathon” which by the way is a pretty informative video has how many views? Guess: well 170.000. One hundred and seventy thousand. Can you handle it? I mean I am really shocked to hear that. It is unbelievable. I cannot get my head around it. Why on earth, no who on earth… ok… I am getting worked about … about nothing. Let me calm down. Fact is, the horror stories are really not what you should focus on or loose sleep over.

More likely you will train to such a level that you will be able to finish. Might not be a pretty finish. Might not be the run you hoped for… but.. chances are you finished it. Ok. Now can we move on to the other scenarios. The ones you should be focusing on. The possible outcomes that are aligned with your goals. And here at this stage I want to ask you: are you still dreaming about running a marathon? Wondering every so often what it would be like? How it would feel if finally, one day you did it. Maybe it is your secret dream. Secret because, it is like you just don’t want to share it. You are really not full of self-confidence even though there are moments where you have a warm feeling and catch yourself seeing pictures in your mind of you approaching the finish line… you are getting closer, you can read the letters F I N I S H … aagh yes really great.

But somehow your dream never went into reality. It never grows in a before and after part. Let me explain. Having a specific moment in time, that inspires you is great. It is important. And not only do we use it for inspiration, to be drawn to it, it should give you some intrinsic power. But… aaah you knew there was a B U T. If you just go and buy one souvenir from your exotic holiday destination… you saw it at the gift shop, you wanted it, and you bought it. Then when you got home you didn’t have a place to put it.

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