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Let us say you: Want to run a marathon?

Say you want to run the marathon. What’s the first thing YOUwould need to do to make it happen? You might come up with a general answer at first, or a non-committal one. I knowI’d probably say“Get fit” with a bit of a shrug of the shoulders if I were put on the spot!

What you do next – if you really want to achieve your goal – is crucial. (If you don’t really want to achieve your goal, move on.)

You GET MORE SPECIFIC. You GET SMALLER. “Get fit” could get smaller and more specific in a whole bunch of ways. Here are some:

Weigh yourself. Do the BMI calculation. There. That’s a simple one.

Remember from Episode 29? Get support. What you don’t remember… I recommended that you select a supporter. Someone who will help you overcome a slump. Then ensure that you plan daily time. Just time.

Small steps get you started. Small steps add up to big results = success. Success breeds more success. Consistency, the key.

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