Time is your FRIEND || Think first

Why was I thinking..? Answering that is a big breakthrough.

If you don’t spend enough time searching for lessons learnt, chances are huge you will end up with the same result like you did last time.

Another DNF, another shattered dream of a PB in your marathon. You will have buried those dreams, and settled for less than you actually could have done, could be reaching… your best race, your fastest time, your first fill in the blank 10K half marathon, trail run, ultra.

And to find those correct answers, you need … you wont like hearing this: TIME. After a run event where you experienced failure: you obviously take time for your body to recover, for the swelling to come down, the tenderness in the legs to settle down, to regain the weight you maybe lost…… but from now on….after listening to this podcast…. You will take time for your brain as well, for it to recover, for it to create new neurons, new connections so that your next time doesn’t end up like last time. That’s what progress is all about. That’s how you actually improve as a athlete.

Improving, getting better, learning from past experiences… it requires a renewing of your mindset. Let me share something very personal here with you, remember keeping it real in this podcast….. No over the top exaggerated stories, and quick success stories… let me share with you a lesson learnt the ouch.. hard way.

When I was a young kid, I once put a big dent in a Toyota … a Cressida. Right side, fender. Really nice dent. The sort of dent that you can exactly see what you bumped into. The paint still looked surprisingly good. And the car was actually fine. Except for the unique shape it had.

And no, the car wasn’t mine, and no I didn’t yet have a license. So. I really was in big trouble. Now you will agree with me, in light of the just mentioned circumstances whats the most important thought going through your head.

You are 16, dent in the car… trouble is coming… what is MOST important thing to do?

a. Confess

b. Pretend it never happened?

c. Lie.

d. Hurry to get it fixed.

Obviously….. D. who said c. (?) Honestly, you though c….. come on its obvious…. time wasn’t my friend…. Get it done quick, and no one will be the wiser.

The repair job surprisingly was quite expensive, I found a real dodgy panel beater, and obviously he could tell from my acne covered face that this was a great opportunity get his hands on my piggy bank. Actually he was helpful, sworn to secrecy so to speak…he had a idea… to assist to keep costs low… and in order to make up time, I had to help. And he the panel beater wasn’t too bothered about my workmanship.

I didn’t grind off the paint fully. Remember, time…. Pressure… Why, I thought it was fine. It looked good… ok. Then once the dent was out the fender was sent to the spray painter…. And …. What do you think happened… the new paint job was crummy, and I think it didn’t last 3 days and started to peeled off. No, not in small little flakes rather as in big sheets. Uuuugh I still see the image in my minds eye. Help.

And that’s why I never became a panel beater. Ha Ha. See, in that moment: Time is your biggest asset. Your most important building block.

The quick win, or the quick satisfying of appetite is often not in line with your long-term goals. Related to your running: Do you want to have a finisher medal, or a finish time that reflects the effort you put in to your training…. Where you know was your best and you are proud of.

Remember, some shows back I told you about when I ran that Ultra in Germany and got a DNF, a did not finish? Well, to those of you listening as the story unraveled it was clear: I should have waited, and (obviously) answered the question: what was I thinking? Because if you always do something the same way you will not get a different result.

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