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I am fed up of reading all those “your best 5K ever” training plan… and none of the includes or even mentions your mind. And as a runner you know what a effect your mental attitude can have on a run… so without further delay… I shall introduce you to

practical and usable steps to start training your brain…. Yes indeed my name is HEIKO, and thank you for joining me on today’s podcast. There are millions and millions of podcasts about running, about sport about so many topics and you decided to download and listen to this one thank you very much hey, if you like the show could I ask you to leave me a five star rating of course it will ehlp other runners find this show. Last weeks show was listened to in over 30 countries… how amazing is that, how on earth do you people find me how does this word spread? It must be that there is very little high little content which you can actually use being offered. So let me dive right in and let’s stick with this topic of your best 5K. The 5K is an excellent distance, it doesn’t take too many hours during the week but the training and the actual 5K still tires you and gives you a excellent feeling of achievement Those runners I worked with have a goal for example run a 5K in under 25 minutes, HEIKO is that a good time? Good is a awkward word to use, it might be you are having a crummy day and under the circumstances the 5K was a excellent achievement. But before you focus on a outcome goal, rather ensure your process goal is set in stone what is the difference? Outcome goal is I want to run the 5K in 25 minutes process called I will allocate 30 minutes every second day so the process goal is more towards growth and improving and this will lead to new possibilities being created….. enjoy the show.

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