Training PACE || Setting the PACE

Training PACE || Setting the PACE How can pacing help you to become more successful in what you are trying to do? Simple. Holding the pace, ensures you will be able to adjust mid race and still ensure a good finish time in relation to what might have happened. A stumble, a fall hope not, or a too fast start. Now what happens as you are stuck behind a slower bunch of runners, not where you want to be… well… that’s the moment you concentrate, find out what your pace is, get composed and then take a or take the correct decision.

Strength of Mind and your willpower. Once you have the self belief you can get started but what keeps you going? Something must motivate you to continue even through those moments that seem impossible. Willpower will help you to stay focused and not give in even when you begin to question what you are doing. Others are overtaking you left and right… stick to your pace

There is another quality closely connected with will power and it makes a huge difference between success and failure. The ability to manage yourself and keep yourself on the right path despite setbacks or doubts. The ability to stay on track involves self discipline.

The correct attitude is very helpful. You need to be positive and open minded. Being negative or easily put off can spell disaster. Your mindset can make or break you. It seems that being positive enables the brain to be more creative and seek solutions whereas negativity just closes your mind to opportunity and makes sure that all you can see is failure.

Positive self-concept ,which is directly related to the amount of self belief a person has, helps gymnasts and sportsmen/ women improve their performance and this is a long-lasting effect. This article, published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, shows this very well.

Means what exactly Heiko. Glad you asked… here goes. Set aside one session a week to focus on running by feel. SHOWNOTES: What does this mean for your running? Here some useful links. Your “how to do it” run streak Run 365 Days: Your 365 Day Run Streak Brain Training For Runners’: Your Mental Guide To Better Running. Improve your discipline Accountability Coach. Add swimming to your run Become a better swimmer. Follow us on INSTAGRAM. Follow us on TWITTER. Follow us on YouTube. More about your HOST. Train your BRAIN become a better runner.

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