What is a running streak || How to do a run streak?

Last week we spoke about marathons. Why run such an event? What does it take? Well, look I am a runner who somehow enjoys the distance. But we all are different. And maybe some of you like different challenges… like streaking…. Ha ha! Yes, thanks for joining todays show. This is the one and only hypnorun show, a show that actually grew out of COVID frustration.

See, listen… this is all about running, and training your brain… the whole concept. It is so much more than a podcast. I really enjoy listening to runners’ reading about their journey, or hey even joining a race event. Setting a challenge, seeing if I reach it, exploring new trails…. Lately I have even started to enjoy virtual runs… I mean not virtually running but taking part in a virtual run event where you can follow your progress online… or lack of it.. apparently, I am 50K’s behind… If you are a first-time listener, please do let the show grow on you give it a couple of tries… if you are a frequent listener…please do leave a 5star rating. Oh and by the way today’s show, it is a no brainer. It is actually so logical, BUT sometimes it’s exactly the easy things that make us stumble… let’s dive into the show. No ads for a sports drink, no swearing, no request for saving a whale or a tree… Hey you know the feeling. Surely it’s the same for you… Because running is my absolute passion. Since I am a kid, I realized that running seems to be my sport. And the whole game changer came about when I understood that in the military during the compulsory service I had a different way to overcome the difficulties more easily. That was the one thing I could do a long time… didn’t matter how many times we had to run up and down the hill, or what a time limit there was set, I could do it. Whilst those around me would struggle with it, fit guys, stronger better built than me. Even with athletics background would crumble sometimes. And by now if you have been listening it was down to one single word: Attitude. Yes, pat yourself on the shoulder. You did well… you paid attention. Being in the military and compared to some of the guys there I was well still am like a spaghetti. Tall and slim. I realized that this mindset, this attitude, is an opportunity I need to grasp it, document it, create it, and make a tool that I can share with runners’ that struggle exactly with this topic. Then…Whilst studying to my certification as a endurance coach, I was so looking forward to finally learning what it is that makes some go running and other stay. Yes, exactly that. Why do or how come do some people run regularly and others not? Well disappointment set it… nothing I learnt on that course, and honestly it was a real professional certification, covered a lot of topics. But no secret pertaining to this subject got revealed. And then not to mention all the courses I participated in thereafter. Sponsored by big name shoe manufacturers, sportswear companies. All good, but again no secret formula, no secret potion.

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