What moves you || Running for something?

What moves your heart? What have you seen heard, felt that really irritated, disturbed you? And would you run 506 Kilometers, in the midst of a cold winter, for someone you don’t know? For a topic that divides friends, political camps, where actually everyone agrees shouldn’t be our problem? Let me share with you today a story that perhaps challenges some or other views you might be having, or it will inspire you to take up your goals you perhaps need some extra inspiration to get going.

I mean we used to run around outside till it was dark, we would constantly be on the prowl in our street, be it after school, after church, like the days wouldn’t end….endless summer…. and then one day, without even realizing it, same happened to you….. it was the last time we would ever go outside. I mean I don’t remember the last game or what we played as kids. I can recall how we used to play but not that LAST time.

I recall we used to tease my best friends kid brother… hey Anton I am sorry about that. Hope you got over it. Point is, in my childhood I had the opportunity to really make great friends and great memories.

And you know today even experts have proven that those early childhood moments they do sort of define a way a path for your life. Sure there is no set recipe, but growing up in a safe and sound environment hey, it puts you miles ahead of someone who didn’t have it.

Whaaaat hey Heiko I thought this show was supposed to make me a better runner. Yes, correct, a better stronger and smarter runner. But here in this show, we sometimes go deep, and no not as in what is the best fartlek workout, or which 5 PRO runner tips will make you faster. Here we aim to help you the recreational runner become a runner that uses mental techniques to improve your run performance. Tools that are hands on, that go further than a inspirational Facebook post you read whilst lying on the couch when you should be out there running.

And look this is not for everyone, I mean seriously if you want to overcome excuses, and become a #noexcuses runner, or finally achieve your special distance, that personal best. Check it out, hypnorun.com it is all based on a registered brand and successful workshops we used to host, well before the world got crazy and we all wore masks.

Today I want to take you back to 2015… What a year. You think 2020 was a hectic year, just think back…. In the US there where horrendous mass shootings that I can somehow recall, Aaron Hernandez Patriots was convicted of murder… and I remember during that time I travelled by car through France, to catch the ferry or the train to the united kingdom. And here, this is actually where it all started.

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