What’s your running ambition?

What Hypnosis? I thought this show is about running? Who the heck is this guy… I hear you ask… Yes perhaps I should introduce myself first. My name is Heiko, passionate Run & Swim coach, combined with being a Hypnotherapist and am privileged to have run and worked in countries that shaped me as a person (and runner).

No I am not a ex-silver or better yet Olympian Gold. Ha Ha… no nor can I show off some record for the furthest, toughest running either. I think that goes to Dean Karnazes. But you know what, I found that there is no natural correlation between being a great sportsperson, and trainer or coaching skills. Quite the contrary, I never could relate to the training methods of the pro’s as I didn’t have the resources available. So I would consider myself a middle of the pack runner, who constantly dreams of a 3:00 hour marathon, or of getting a Bill Rowan medal at the comrades. I live in a pretty region in South Germany, small village (my kids say its dead) village, where I can either do a trail run through the forest, and say “hi” to the odd fox or deer, or go on long runs next to river. And of course, I have a local track where I train with runners. Having worked for a major corporation I have been fortunate to have lived (and run) in various countries across the globe. And I mean really different places, in hot and dry regions like Saudi Arabia or India, all the way to Mexico, oh and everywhere you find the same enthusiasm from other runners. During my career as a sales executive, I was fortunate to receive many trainings, that really helped me in going after my goals, and then decided to further my studies, till I became a motivational coach, went on to become. Hypnotherapist and a run coach. For those of you who cannot place my accent you have obviously never run the comrades or two oceans marathon. Two events that are the most talked about races in South Africa. Somehow there is a magic, perhaps the beauty of the terrain you cover, or just the crazy distance that creates this appeal for any runner to one day do the comrades. Advanced Endurance Coaching the show where we want to help you grow your business to be the best coach you can be. To really make a change, so that your runners’ your athletes will be proud to say they are being trained by you. My name is Heiko thanks once again for tuning in, feel free to look at my videos on youtube, quality content, just search for advanced endurance coaching, or try one of my mind training programs developed for runners’ (obviously developed by runners’). It’s the one and only program that uses the RESET methodology scientifically proven techniques adapted for run training. www.hypnorun.com Ok that’s it… and remember: no excuses, just go for a run… Take it easy. Do click on the link below find out more about me www.heikostribl.com and for more running related content do check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoAaTiD4Dc2tMl5r3P09-g and take a free course on becoming a better runner… www.hypnorun.com A rating, a like, a share will be greatly appreciated, and will help other runners’ that are looking for such advice find this show. So please do share.

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