Ingenuity, Creativity, find ways not excuses… new paths are created by walking…. Remember last vlog I mentioned that I had the idea of running a marathon every second weekend, during the summer of 2019? Well guess what, it is also the time where I won my first ever marathon. Saubona, welcome to the Advanced Endurance Coaching podcast, where we don’t just talk about running, but offer solutions to you as a runner over 40, and to you as a run coach who might just be interested in starting or growing and developing your business. Hi, my name is Heiko, and I want to share you with a idea if you just cannot seem find the correct venue for a marathon. You know how it is, sometimes the venue is too far, or there is going to be too much traffic. If getting there and going back takes more time than the actual marathon, it’s not so much fun. Or the last minute entry is quite steep, and the course is not too interesting, or challenging. But the biggest benefit of all… of running 105,5 rounds around a track… is that it leads to a disciplined mind. Whereby you start to tune in and get really focused, because after the second lap, you know the whole course in and out. No surprised. So, you can then just get into a hypnotic state, letting your subconscious maintain the pace. The other benefit is that you can really use this time to change certain beliefs that you have. If for example you are aware that whilst running you are constantly remembering that angry exchange of words you had with a stranger, or a loved one. Perhaps you got into a whatsapp battle, and it really ticked you off… something petty, but it keeps on coming up whilst running. This is the perfect time and place to clear that thoughts. To get it processed, freeing up valuable space in your mind which you can fill with thoughts that encourage, motivate, and build you up. There is another video where I explain this exactly, it is called the RESTEP method. A effective tool to quickly change your own hindering thoughts, and thereby allowing you to get into a more powerful state. Now if you ask me would I do it again. Run 105,5 laps …. YES ! Definitely. Would I go for a faster time. Yes, the personal record could be broken in such a running environment. Now regarding what my daughter asked me: Was it boring… not for one single step. A deeply satisfying experience, and if you decide to do it, the best part is you will have no complaints about the race organizers or organization. Find more tips like this on hypnorun.com or in our online mental running tool course. A course designed to give you mental strength, like how to build perseverance, tenacity.

It is a in-depth 4 hour video course, along with a easy-to-read guide to understanding mental techniques for runners’ in depth. It comes, along with our R.E.S.E.T.® branded coaching certification. Go for it… … and remember… Take it easy.

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