Your best run is waiting for you…

You know how to run, I mean it’s something you have done since childhood, is it not? You ran, played catch with friends, and ran some more and either you fell in love with the sport, and stuck to it, or you didn’t love it and left it, only to start later on in adult life because maybe you thought it’s a good way to stay healthy.

Either way, you both have something in common… at one stage you realized you are sitting a lot. Too much as a matter of fact.
Just count the hours you are actually sitting down.

Actually I don’t even want to do it because I realize with all the car journey’s I sit many hours a week in my car….
If this is your situation, tell me, how do you make improvements? How do you know what your body is capable of?

Good thing you joined me on this podcast, I will tell you how.

But wait, is it ok, we dive right into the topic or do you first want to hear 5 minutes worth of ads, and ” message from my sponsors”… no ads, no sponsors, just my passion for running, and 35 years of experience helping coaching and training runners improve their mindset, their attitude to become a better, stronger and smarter runner.

Seriously, wouldn’t it help making better decisions? In terms of your running, your attitude towards how you train, your discipline, determination… without becoming a hardcore “ain’t no mountain high enough”, no we leave that up to the pro’s, Kilian Journet or others… what I want to say is, wont you one day feel proud looking back at your running career, and you know that in this part of your life, you dedicated a healthy amount of time and resources, and occasionally went for your best results.
That’s what this whole podcast is about. I have worked with many different runners over the past years Actually swimmers and runners, but the swimming is a story for another podcast, as I used to teach a really impressive approach which was invited by Terry Laughlin, great man, passed away some years ago sorry to say… but anyway, back to running, running attitude, your best run which I believe is still ahead of you…
By training smart, or Smart training you will get more freedom, and skill for your running.

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