Your run story || What’s your story?

Without knowing you, I know one thing… you have a story to tell. A runners’ tale so to speak. And with every opportunity to run, you are writing another chapter. Question is… how or what is the tone of those stories? And why does it matter… why make a podcast about it? It really is the podcast where the sole aim and purpose is to deliver high quality content. Content to make you think about yourself about your running.

In case you are looking for boring ramblings, or me-me-me stories. Sorry. Not here. Look its true… that I mind those self-glorifying podcasts, that’s why I started…. it is just that this show is different, it contains a certain reality check.

And hey this show… look we are all different. Different cultures, different personalities, so yes it might be this doesn’t resonate with you. Maybe you feel like you need different content, that’s fine. But if and when you are ready for mental growth, this is the place to be. The few minutes of my life I waste on social media I am really shocked at what I see. Before you think I am being too critical. Wait, hold your breath.

Just think back to two great books you have read. Got them. For me it’s the Secret by Richard Bandler and Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman. I can more or less summarize the quintessence of the main points that resonated with me. Most probably if we were friends or we would work together in a coaching context, I would recommend you the book. But with the time spent on social media… hardly ever happens. Why is that? Why is it that books read.. they tend stick to our mind (if they are well written of course) but the hours we spend on social media, we have hardly anything to show for. Actually nothing. Well hang on.. if I am really honest… there are a couple of funny moments I recall from Peter Griffin… but actually a waste of time…. So even if it is running related ad… no added value.

Because the content doesn’t need to be acted upon. There usually is not enough depth or subject matter to act upon. Because apparently, we all only have the attention span of a goldfish. Advertisers are stating that unless we as salespeople, don’t Add value, offer a clear solution that fits all within the first 15 seconds… that’s it. Game over.

Please don’t believe that…. We don’t have a Goldfish attention span. It’s rather that there is so much money pumped into advertising the media companies need to summarize their message in an instant, so that in case you are not really interested, you have the next ad, and the next, and the next one.

Are your feet aching after a run? Pain, tingling sensation? Never suffer from throbbing feet again, over 1000 runners’ have tested our product….

First off… its perfectly fine to have aching feet after a tough run, is it not? No, I am not talking about excruciating pain, just it is normal to feel the feet have put in an extra effort. I feel it especially if I do my morning run up a hill and back down on loose gravel.

But what happens is, the ad is deep, in the crevices of your subconscious brain. Deep down.. . whether you like it or not. There is no way to avoid it. There is nothing that can be un-heard. Let me share something personal with you:

For years we didn’t have a TV at home…. Whilst the kids were growing up….. do you know this song… no don’t worry I won’t sing it, just tell you the lyrics…

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob square pants, Absorbent and yellow and porous is he Sponge Bob.

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