Zombie runner…. Each city has one… do you think that runner decided to run like that? Or did it just happen? I think it just happened. Actually, I know it occurred over a specific period of time where no attention was given to the mindset, to his or her approach towards running. The miles or kilometers to be run are just, a set to be completed, and the reward is, its done. I run regularly. Full stop. Better than not running correct? This is the part we start to disagree. Just doing something and doing something with a positive mindset gives two different results. And listen here, you know this, time is limited, and passes so quickly. Soon we will all be in a age where running is no longer possible, not to get you depressed, but it’s a fact, and this should inspire and motivate you to give more attention to your run performance. So when that day comes where you use your running shoes for walks, rather than runs, you look back a proud run performance, where you know, you didn’t settle for halfhearted attempts but rather went for your best, crossed imaginary boundaries and limitations.

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