Pyramid Run || Power Triangle

What do triangles have to do with running? Well they are a simple way to improve your running. So that no matter how your run was, that you have in your mind a powerful memory… you know where you built

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Donkey Kong || Running lessons’

Donkey Kong. The game takes place over two screens. Mario starts at the bottom left of the bottom screen. The player must move right and dodge Donkey Kong’s barrels by pressing the jump button. Mario can jump over barrels only

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EMR Running || Think Your Run

You know this, you need to make space, space and room for new thoughts, Ideas, new practice methods, new running exercises, new stretching routine, new routine, new fartlek training. Let us narrow it down. What will this practice this EMR

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Cloudy Run || Unclear Thoughts

Understanding that emotions are contagious Strong emotions can be contagious and ‘infect’ those around us… If you come back from a bad training session, and your family bears the brunt of it… watch out. Change that attitude quickly. And if

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Training PACE || Setting the PACE

Training PACE || Setting the PACE How can pacing help you to become more successful in what you are trying to do? Simple. Holding the pace, ensures you will be able to adjust mid race and still ensure a good finish

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Mindset Tapering || Taper Time

Ah before I start, one of the most inspiring authors that I have enjoyed and reread so often in my life Norman Vincent Peale… and one quote… that will set the trend for today. He never thought a podcaster will

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