Sticky Faith || Better running

You know the feeling: One day, you decide to run at exactly 6 a.m. every morning and before you know it, you’re admonishing yourself because you missed your regularly-scheduled morning run. Congratulations. You’ve become a willing participant in a routine

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Focus Point || One is enough

Are you running as often as long as far as you would like to? Are you able to look back at a great running year? If you look back does you run history inspire you? Today’s show is aimed to

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Get going || How to Start

Today’s show is all about helping you to get started, to stop procrastinating, to overcome excuses and to really start on your journey of becoming a runner. Even the process of acquiring the habit is predictable: It starts as a

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Rethink || New Running thoughts

Embrace your fixed mindset. Every runner has some aspects of a fixed mindset. Admit that you do as well, but don’t accept that you must live with its results. – Notice your fixed mindset triggers. It may be before a

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Sleep tight || night runner

How to get a wholesome sleep? I know we all had a night where we didn’t sleep well. That can happen, shouldn’t but it can. You know where you tossed and turned, couldn’t find rest. Hey and look I stay

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