Advanced Endurance Coaching

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Pyramid Run || Power Triangle

What do triangles have to do with running? Well they are a simple way to improve your running. So that no matter how your run was, that you have in your mind a powerful memory… you know where you built

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Role Model || Running Model

The show is recorded in one go, no editing, no fancy studio brought to you by myself Heiko a certified run / endurance coach, along with some other degrees in matters related to personal growth. Hey did I mention I

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Lesson learnt || Learn whilst running

Faster runners don’t have as much variation in their form. Running “fast” requires you to be more efficient, so you likely won’t see aggressive heel strikes, slow cadences, poor posture, and excess movement. One of the (many) reasons these runnesr are fast

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You a slow runner.. || Why?

Today’s show is for you, the runner that seems to always be running at a too fast pace, that runner that’s always out of breath, that runner who suffers often from injury, that runner who hasn’t understood the benefits of

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Your Future || Your Time

Let me share with you my race experience this month. Some seriously tough trail running, and open water swimming plus trail running. Did it all go to plan? Nope! Did I manage it well? Yes. Focus on agility, skill on

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Your Commitment || Your Goal

Do your commitments live up to your goals? What is the thing you would choose to do despite external reward and feedback? Commitment is what spurs you to take action, and what you would be willing to give 100% to achieve, while

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Your Record Run || Your Fastest Run

Now, tell me when are you going for your Personal Best? When are you going to write your headline? The year 2022 is nearly over. It is irrelevant what happened in the past months. The setbacks the injuries, the great

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