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Did you ever say ENOUGH is ENOUGH? As in this is it. If yes, how did you reach that conclusion? What factors did you consider before you uttered this statement? Oh sorry you thought this is a motivational blog LOL yes actually it will be but you got to first listen to the, Indeed, H E I K […]

Stay Motivated || Running Routine

running motivated

Tell me, what do you think will happen when you get home this evening? Or if you are already at home, what will happen when you reach work tomorrow morning? You have an idea  more or less. You have a inclination as to what the mood will be like  and what does this have to […]

Benefit Coach || Expert Insights

Training bliss. You are enjoying it  especially now  it is springtime. How great is that? And now you are going into power mode. You feel it’s time. Time to go the distance. Time to go further than any human ever before  well no, but further than you have ever gone  Thank you for joining me […]

Change Direction || Different Course

Tools for your running: a change of directions is something we can benefit from greatly. And the direction decides where are you going to end up, not intentionAnd the reverse is also absolutely true. Your destination ends up which course you are going to follow Which might seem obvious, but the clear your goal is […]

Change Your Run || Better Runner?

Running & mindset You are not sure whether this blog is for you? I will give you the quintessence of today’s message. If you don’t like it of course you could go and learn some more swear words from Joe Rogan. The main point for today. In this blog there is just one message: stop […]