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How to become a better swimmer?

  • Perhaps improve your IronMan Time?
  • Or you want to swim effortlessly,
  • or maybe finally want to master swimming 2, 20 or why not 200 lanes?

How to become a better runner?

  • How to build running endurance,
  • how to become a runner that improves, how to increase stamina for running?
  • well for starters, listen to our podcast.


What do we offer?

Persistence, develop it despite the fact of continuing of difficulty or opposition. Your first cornerstone to better swimming and stronger running. Firmness of purpose, that will enable you to find time, Determination, Each session, developing a helpful Attitude towards your sport. Resilience, needs to be nurtured; adapting to difficult or challenging race environments.

Winning mindset your thoughts and ideas are initially shunned until the successful outcome starts manifesting and you start achieving your goals. Build a clean powerful inner language, speak passionately to yourself. Reorganising of Emotional Systems into Effective Transformation.…by Heiko Stribl

Training Programs for Mental Resilience and Runners’ Attitude.
Training program for encouraging our young generation to start running.
Books on practical steps to add powerful mental techniques to your running.

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