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How to become a better swimmer?

Brain Training

  • Perhaps you want to qualify for; or improve your IronMan Time?
  • Or you just want to swim effortlessly, without a struggle.
  • Maybe finally want to master swimming 20 or 200 lanes? Or 10KM Open Water?
  • Fear is holding you back from swimming in anything thats non chlorinated?
  • Jaws has your name on his list? 

Learn to overcome mental blockades using scientifically proven methods.


How to become a better runner?

  • How to build running endurance?
  • How to become a runner that improves?
  • How to increase stamina for running?
  • How to replace doubt with confidence?
  • How to get back from setbacks, even stronger?
  • How to build long lasting motivation?



What do we offer you? As runners and swimmers, we understand that developing persistence is crucial, even in the face of difficulty or opposition. It is the first cornerstone to improving your swimming and becoming a stronger runner. We also know that having a firmness of purpose is essential to finding time for training and developing a helpful attitude towards your sport. Determination is key to every session, while resilience needs to be nurtured to help you adapt to challenging race environments.

Our Brain Training for Runners and Swimmers program can help you overcome any mental blocks that may be holding you back and develop a winning mindset. By training your brain, you can overcome any issues that keep you from reaching your full potential. Building a clean, powerful inner language and speaking passionately to yourself can also help you reorganize your emotional systems into effective transformation. All of this can help you achieve your goals. This program was developed by using scientifically proven methods.

Reorganising of Emotional Systems into Effective Transformation.…by Heiko Stribl

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With over 35 years immersed in running, coupled with training open water swimming, I provide effective advice & solutions to overcome mental blockades that resonates with athletes from all walks of life, head coaches, and countless age-group runners. This is the foundation for the weekly motivational podcast and newsletter. Join us and the run & swim community dedicated to achieving your best running mindset!



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Books by Heiko

If you are tired of…

Inconsistent practice sessions — some days you are on, some days you are (way) off.

Feeling unfocused and unmotivated when the weather isn’t to your liking, or you face a steep hill. Dreaming of being a stronger and smarter runner? But, you are not confident even though you are following the training plan,

Feeling like you aren’t progressing as fast as you could be? And you know that you could be training and running much faster than you are right now…

Then you need to get your hands on Make Every Step Count today.

"The Runners' Secret Weapon for
Better Run Practices and Faster Running..."

Conquer Your Running Aspirations with a Proven Goal-Setting Strategy. Dreaming about your running journey and future adventures is a great start. However, it takes more than just big goals to make them a reality.
Discover the essentials of crafting a remarkable running goal and, more crucially, construct a comprehensive plan to turn that goal into an accomplishment. Our program includes a detailed guide for creating training objectives, ensuring you stay focused and motivated during every run.
Don’t settle for being the runner with grand aspirations that never come to fruition.

Your Make Every Step Count Run  Book is here to guide you, step by step, in setting—and most importantly—crushing your running goals with precision and determination. Let’s turn your running dreams into triumphant realities!