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At The beginning of the year, I wanted to see how close I would get to my Personal Best for a 5K.And what an exciting couple of weeks that was. I had to restructure my training. How and when I do my runs. When I plan to do specific strength workouts. But before I go on, the -.

3d render medical illustration of the tibia bone – front view

But what is easy for me, or for you as an experienced runner, might be a challenge for someone who is a runner, but doesn’t want to take it all that seriously. I mean seriously yes in terms of I want to excel at my distance, but not as in I am willing to put in all the necessary effort.

And of course, we need to respect other runners. How and what they decide to commit to their sport. But this today is about those that have developed the moaning and groaning. 

The matter of fact, this is why it wont work.

It is usually the same type of person that has got a pretty watertight story about why they don’t adhere to a training plan.

It is those that don’t want to push themselves but try to make you feel guilty because obviously your day has 24 hours in comparison to their 12-hour days. 

Then there are those types of runners that are content with their distances and times. Never spend time thinking about running further or faster. Those that just feel content doing the same old run routine. 

Hang on Heiko, what’s wrong with that ? Glad you asked, yes tell me what is wrong with that? Why should that not be good? I mean after all running is running, isn’t it? No it’s not. 

The sentence, at least I trained, isn’t correct. Ouch.

It’s like going to a restaurant, where the food isn’t good, but you continue to go there. Who does that? If the food isn’t good, you won’t go there again. You might complain to the waiter, and leave a negative review, plus tell all your friends about it  maybe even get so upset that you tell the same friends the story twice   And now to running  and training  see, you are a smart runner, and this you understand  Because only training where you pay attention to Endurance, Movement Economy, Strength/Power, Speed, Mental Fitness, Recovery/Regeneration is a training that will help you progress.

Only a run that is part of a plan, that is leading somewhere is a run worth running.

And some of you are just too content with your runs. And to be sure this isn’t you  

Well usually if you dig a bit deeper, just with a couple of questions, you will find out that it’s not really fulfilling. No speed workout, no hill training, no interval  just another day with some miles 

There is something missing. And that missing link might just have an adverse effect on your attitude. That might just blog in another area of life where perhaps you don’t want it. See, it has got to do with the basic human needs. If you have been running the same distance day in day out. Perhaps the same route  There is something that’s holding you on this path. And one of them is security. 

I mean we all want the knowledge that we are going to make it through today, don’t we? 

If you get inside your car and turn the ignition, what do you expect will happen? You expect it to start. Seeing that you hopefully have a reliable car, this becomes the norm.

And the more of the same we do, the more it gives us the feeling of being in control. And this being in control might just, doesn’t always, but it might just lead you to become bored. 

So bored that eventually you give up the sport of running, because listen  if you don’t sign up for an odd race every now and then, don’t like the park run, because it’s too early, and running further  well there just isn’t enough time  then the actual running is not a development anymore. It is a function. An act. I mean like brushing your teeth everyday. We brush our teeth, not because we want to avoid going to the dentist, we still should go  up, reminds me  anyway, its maintenance. 

Maintenance without effort without a valley and a peak, will not bring out the best in you.

And this is a vital component. It is something worth striving for.

The primary goal of specificity of training is to condition the muscles that will be used in the target activity. Over time, you develop muscle memory for specific actions so you can perform them without having to concentrate on them.

As you train, you are able to master the skills you will need and learn the best form to use. 

We owe it to ourselves to explore and learn where our limit is. And no this doesn’t mean we should all become marathon runners, but rather  in whatever we do we should do it with pride and fully engaged. 

And with this mindset you will inspire others. You will get out of and stay away from the comparison trap. Oh so you run? well how far do you run  and what’s your best time, oh and have you done a marathon?  And that’s so often a discussion you want to avoid. That’s the -er  discussion. I was fastER, you were slower, I ran longer. And the change we should strive for is  Or  let me put it differently 

It might be worthwhile to become an encouragement. An encouragement and motivation. Even though there is no one that can motivate another person. That motivation is something inside each and every one of us. 

It is your decision if you want to do something or not. But there are movements where others will grow with each word of encouragement. You might not even realize what you have initiated. 

Then it might just be the right chance to speak words that build up. That helps the others’ inner dialog change from, I cant or I could never  right the limiting belief and this might happen or what if my  fill in the blanks, knee doesn’t hold up scenario, to getting him or her inspired to look at the possibilities rather than just the limitations. The possible positive outcome rather than the possible negative side effect. And you are at that moment in time doing something great. Because you are blogging a way out of a dialog that’s maybe been going on too long. Without making it a competition. Without it being who had the fastest time, and who ran the longest. Or who overcame the biggest injury 

And no, I am not downplaying injury or runners’ joints or whatever it is that might be your specific current weak area.

Success is personal, it depends on where you are as a runner, and where you would like to be. 

There are three ways that we learn something or pick up a certain habit. We learn by experience, explanation and example. See, someone could explain to you how to run at a faster pace, blog you, or you can try to experience yourself. Now what happens is that there is a process that you are going to kick off and can accompany that person.

I thought this blog was about me. The listener, yes it is  you, is the encouragement. It ensures a much better base of discussion than reading the excuses. I am sure you have noticed how when you really talk to someone, there is the mirroring effect?

Or someone yawns and suddenly you need to yawn as well. We all tend to mimic gestures of people we like and we do it subconsciously. But why do we act like this? Is there any special reason for that?

As a rule, mirroring means that two people enjoy their communication. There’s a certain level of agreement between the two of you. The topic of discussion is equally interesting for both people and they know that their interests meet. See, and this doesn’t happen if one is arguing for his or her limitations.

3d Illustration injured man feeling pain in his knee isolate on dark background with clipping path.

Mirroring impact on your daily life

Sadness. When people around us are sad, we become moody too. And if someone tells you about their run injury  next thing it’s like your knee   did I just feel that as well  a slight niggle ache or pain 

Laugh. Even if we hear some lame joke and see that everyone else is laughing, it makes us giggle too. The laugh is contagious, even without any reason. Perhaps even if it was a really bad joke without a proper punch line, but the person telling it is laughing so much, you start to laugh as well. 

And this is your starting point. This is where you can start talking about your approach to running. Usually it’s very interesting to hear a goal. If you come to one of our workshops and tell me about your goals, definitely I will be most curious to find out what it is, and the motivation behind your objectives you want to meet.

Then why not invite the moaner and groaner for a run  you know, just a leisure whatever distance they feel comfortable with.

That’s the time to reinforce the good behavior, the good practices   by doing that you are carrying over future results.

Make it a point to ask what motivated them in the beginning. What was the original spark? What was the reason that they started, where exactly was the excitement. 

Then this is a big one  HELP THEM DEAL WITH SET-BACKS 

Almost everyone at some point will deal with a set-back. This is natural and a normal part of the process of working towards your fitness goals.

By helping someone else deal with set-backs and reminding them that it’s only temporary and they are in control to change things, you will help motivate them to move in the forwards direction again, so they can start seeing results.

Focus on the benefits. You know what the future can hold for someone who sticks with an exercise plan: more endurance, stronger muscles, improved balance and increased flexibility are all in the cards. Make sure to remind your moaner and groaner often about what they stand to gain by following your exercise recommendations and point out their improvements as they occur.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had.”

I really wish you would apply this when you meet the next moaner and groaner. Anything is better than reading to a moaner and becoming miserable yourself  so go and encourage  there is someone out there who needs you. 

Hey if you know someone who needs to hear this, then please do share this blog. 

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I didn’t bore you with ads for a horrible sports drink, nor did I recommend you a pair of vitamins that apparently make you run faster  What I will ask you to do is  if you want to really get acquainted with some brain training tools made by runners for runners  then go to amazon, just enter brain training for runners  and add my name Heiko  quick short guide  or if you are not keen on that, do check out our site, and there is a free download for you, that will give you some valuable tools to become that better stronger and smarter runner. 

Thanks for reading come back next week, my name is Heiko, God bless you and remember take it easy 

Make Every Step Count, a running guide that changes your attitude?

And if your first thought is “I doubt it” then definitely you should get the book. Doing the basics, is the best place to go to once you are in a negative rut once your minds cruise around the same negative thoughts. Make Every Step Count keeps you focussed on what matters.

And if that doesn’t help, then do what it says in the bible
Colossians 3:2 Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.
Today I had a lot on my mind. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your interest. Do leave me a rating and share the blog to someone who needs to hear it. My name is Heiko thanks for reading.
God Bless You and remember, take it easy.


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