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A wonderful Good Day to you and congrats, you are on the right track. Why? Well because you decided to join and listen to today’s blog. Means there is something inside of you that’s grabbed your attention  something that makes you curious about how to improve your running so let’s get to it  but as always first  the – 

Today I want to share with you something that I noticed a lot whilst participating in races. Be it ultras, or 5K park runs, and this phenomenon I have witnessed in numerous countries. See I have been fortunate to have run or participated in events across the globe actually. 

And no I am not talking Virtual marathons the real thing. Before the world somehow had all of us wearing masks. 

And the thing I noticed is a short burst of conflict between two runners. Yup, a sudden clash, a rough exchange of words. A hustle, bustle, confrontation, loud voice  

Funny part is, I am not an elite runner. I run in the middle of the pack, so why on earth would I witness something like this? 

Let me set up the context a little  oh hang on before I do that, have you seen the run 365 day running streak  a short quick easy to read guide that will set up up and mentally prepare you if you are trying to overcome procrastination, or excuses, or looking for ways how to become a better runner. You know really explore hat you are capable of, but the shear thought of running every day is just overwhelming  and you feel even as you are reading to this, its you know  impossible, no time, the how, and the why  no way Heiko just continue with the blog  hang on if this is you   then you should check it out on amazon  come on you are going there anyway, #Your 365 day run streak  and the reason it’s short and sweet is it’s for you that’s having doubts. Just see it as a trial run. A practice session, but don’t say no. Be open, give it a try and who knows where it might lead to.

Running 3d skeleton. Contains clipping path

The confrontation or I am not even sure how to name it. Let me give you the example I recall best  Picture it  its KM24 of a Ultramarathon. And there is this tight group of runners ahead of me, with tight I mean picture it they are running at the same pace, they are not talking each focussed on his or her own thoughts  

And then, a runner who wasn’t park of this group  he tripped  and as he stumbles he nearly brought a frail  ok frail is the wrong word, a delicate young lady ahead of him to fall as well  it all happened so fast  and the next thing the lady’s boyfriend I guess hurled a bunch of insults at the still stumbling runner.

How have you ever experienced something like this? Seems a bit like road rage runners rage. 

Ha Ha  well Coach it’s easy for you! You always seem to be motivated to run, in a good mood. Actually  no, not really. And for those of you that have been reading for a while  shout out and big thank you  actually I do have quite a few things that do bother me, that I don’t look forward to. 

Like what? Well for example being on a run challenge, and the weather goes from not good to bad, to can it get any worse and it does.

Plus I got to withstand the taunting the dark humor of my daughters that fully comprehends that inner struggle I am facing.

And yes, it really is a struggle. 

See no one is ever always motivated. So don’t think you need to be. Don’t make that your goal. That’s a fake target you set your sights on. Because no matter how many chakras you cleared, or how well your house is feng shuied -lol- it is not about being motivated all the time. It’s not about always being happy, and smiling whilst running. 

And I am extremely vigilant to the online or social media hype. That makes it seem like the world is full of happy runners. Full of runners, who despite facing challenges manage to run fully charged and motivated. LOL. Always grinding. Yes. Always doing the WORK!

Did I tell you  the other day I decided to listen to an audiobook, early in the morning whilst running. And the ad that suddenly came on, yes, I don’t have premium, so I am forced to listen to ads- uuuugh  Hey that’s why this blog doesn’t have any ads. Have you noticed that? Isn’t that and the quality content already enough to recommend this blog.

What do you mean? You haven’t yet shared it? What’s with you, come on, share it with someone who you think needs to hear this. And if you are not the sharing caring type, give me a like. Hey it rhymes. 

OK  so whilst running early in the morning the ad. Yes that ad was so well made, that if I wouldn’t have been running  if I would’ve stayed in bed. reading that ad would have given me the feeling that I am really running into a sunrise. The timing really was spot on. Just coming over the crest of a hill  well the ad made it seem like you are crossing a mountain  lol  

Message of the ad  first off  you need to buy the shoes. Second point, you will always feel great with these shoes  And all of this will happen if you stay in bed. 

Crazy, or well crafted isn’t it. Not that I have got anything against advertising. Hey if you are in advertising, good for you. You are creative, every home needs a creative one. 

But now the entry barrier to running has just gotten higher. Let me explain. Whereas before it was just the weather that might be an issue. Now there are additional factors. You need to have spectacular scenery, you need those new shoes  Obviously  by the way, that pair of shoes  I googled way more than I expected  or maybe it’s me, I am just not ready yet to pay that amount for running shoes. Maybe I need to become a more experienced runner. My 35 years don’t qualify me yet to understand the concept. 

And once you have the sunrise as well, you need to do all out, and smile to be happy. Yes, like those runners on the covers of a magazine. Smiles all around. Perfect hair, clothes  background.

I don’t know you but I know for sure that not all of us are privileged to run up a hill surrounded by a lush green forest, or an endless empty beach.

It’s more like pavement you share with garbage bins, neighbors car, pedestrians, cyclists, traffic lights, smells uuugh, more sights and sounds than you can comprehend. 

And it might be that your gear isn’t matching. It might be that today is wicked Wednesday and you are dressed weird. Missed and matched the brands, the Nike cap, the no name brand jacket, the fake adidas two stripe shorts and the old worn out reebok shoes, with the non matching no name brand socks. And if it is a really mismatched day, the socks don’t match either. 

Now how does it relate to the stumbling runner, who nearly made the lady In Front of him stumble and fall? Well actually to the boyfriend, or husband’s behavior. Oh and this is not a guys thing, I have heard ladies erupt like a Volcano as well whilst in a race. Actually it was a 10K, come on what’s there to get excited and angry about during a 10K? 

Now if we’re honest, we all struggle with moments of anger. Be it a small annoyance, or a situation that overwhelms us. 

And we all know what happens when we use harsh words, swear words, or actions  that make us feel guilty, doesn’t it? 

We know, we let go of our emotions. I mean you realize this, means you are healthy, and have a realistic image of yourself and your actions. 

Do not let unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs. Straight out of the Bible, sorry I don’t remember where, but hey I remember the content. 

But we do it. And usually we find a reason as to why we did it. Let me tell you that yesterday, just yesterday, I got quite angry at a cyclist who nearly ran me over a bad situation, corner, narrow pavement, construction site  and yes, I was for a split second angry. No I didn’t do or say anything (he was too fast) or it happened too fast, but it was there. 

What IT  well is the same IT  the stumbling runner had. Blame. Yes you heard me  blame. Angry runner blames someone, and thereby justifies his or her actions. Well  same with soccer mom fights  you know those videos where the police need to break up an out of control situation  well she said this about my child, but the referee didn’t do  his job  blame game. Simple. 

But the blame game alone isn’t responsible. See, blaming doesn’t explain where that anger comes from. Blaming is a form of justifying. And maybe you are a bit annoyed right now. Maybe you are feeling twitch to select a different blog, or just wished you had selected some music instead  of staying tuned, which means this topic resonates with you  and I will get to the point.

A medical visualisation of human anatomy. 3D rendered Illustration.

The reason you react like that is not because he did, she did, he said he said the reason is that anger is inside of you already.

And this example you have heard before I am sure. If I am standing in your way with a cup of coffee in my hand and you bump me, what happens. Well, I will spill the coffee, obviously. I won’t spill milk, nor tea, nor water. I will spill what’s inside. And sometimes we don’t like to look at what’s inside. Well because it’s easier to see what’s coming out of others  and then it’s easier to justify why you did what you did, or said what you said.

And this circle is a difficult one to break through. For many of us it’s a well known path or line of thought that we can get on at any time  yup  hit me baby one more time  Brittney like. 

Some days, I might feel the urge to get upset at the first set of traffic lights. They are not even 500 meters from my garage  and I want to go “uuuugh red light”. As though I haven’t been standing and waiting at this red light so often. Maybe or most often not even in a hurry  But it’s a habit. 

So what can you do?  What can you do to not become that angry runner? That runner who will not hesitate to curse a fellow runner (imagine it)  shouting “that idiot” and giving him a piece of your mind. Your opinion of the situation. You are the judge and the prosecutor all in one. 

What can you do to not get worse? You know it starts off with calling someone an idiot, and next thing, those around you are worried so they go silent. And the more silent those around you become, the more time and space you have to speak. Speak your opinion, speak your mind. Your view of how it should be. 

Filter your emotions. See this is a difficult one. Especially if you are reading that early morning ad. You know that perfect run moment. That magazine, runners happy matched clothes, no mixing of brands  All smiles  happiness   Well if you get caught in the social media trap, and add a bit of fear of losing out into it  I mean how long do you have to wait until you have enough medals displayed to take that selfie and it looks IMPRESSIVE. You know, that – watch me strike a perfect pose-   sorry correction  watch me and my medals strike a perfect pose photo.

Now wait  if you have posted a photo of you and your medals  I am not saying that it’s wrong or I condone it. First off, well done. 

What I am saying is that if your behavior doesn’t bring about actions that build positive vibes, a positive running spirit. If your running attitude can easily jump to anger, retaliation, and it causes others to stray away to avoid you 

Then reflect on what’s inside. Are you caught up in the comparison trap  uuuh someone stole my Strava, best time. Why do they all seem to be posting further distances than me  

Or you are carrying around some unsolved issues with you. Sometimes, it might be something unrelated to running, actually ALWAYS it is something unrelated to running. 

You might need to make peace with someone, let go of something, whatever it is that is causing you to carry anger around inside of you. And that is not our topic here. See. Here it is about becoming a better, stronger and smarter runner. And we are not here to live up to the standards set in ads. Nor are we here to impress others. 

How about you become an ambassador for running, and others that bump into you, get pleasantly surprised by your ACTIONS. Not by your medals. 

Make Every Step Count, a running guide that changes your attitude?

And if your first thought is “I doubt it” then definitely you should get the book.

Doing the basics, is the best place to go to once you are in a negative rut once your minds cruise around the same negative thoughts. Make Every Step Count keeps you focussed on what matters.

And if that doesn’t help, then do what it says in the bible
Colossians 3:2 Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.
Today I had a lot on my mind. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your interest. Do leave me a rating and share the blog to someone who needs to hear it. My name is Heiko thanks for reading.
God Bless You and remember, take it easy.

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