Run Heart || Requirement

Last week, what was the blog about? The basics, yes the basics of brain training. We looked at great really exceptional coaches  and I explained that basically that’s what they do. Train the basics. Now what did you do? Did you take a small step in the right direction  if not, don’t worry today you […]

From Excuses || To Doing

When do you love running most? Perhaps when you have bought new running gear? Or when you sit down to read that new book on running? Or perhaps you really feel deep emotions and love when the run is over.  Hi my name is Heiko, thanks for taking the time to join me as I […]

Running Introduction || Run rethink

Are you over 30, over 40? What is your running ambition? Maybe you are a beginner, or already an experienced marathoner, same question to both of you.  Why is it that you run? Or why do you call yourself a runner? Or if not, why not? What needs to happen to call yourself a runner? […]