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We cannot control the outside environment. Hot, cold, windy, we cannot control that. But what we can control is how we think, how we approach tough situations. Where we build compelling future scenarios.

I can focus on what I want. I am not a slave to the media. Hey, nothing wrong with watching tv every now and then. But if you start to join Facebook groups, and find yourself speculating over possible outcomes LOL get help. What am I on about today? Well I am about spreading the word on setting and achieving goals.  

And I am giving you no excuse to tell me that this is not possible. You don’t have time. A preemptive strike so to speak.

Now that I have your attention. Ask yourself:

Look at what type of runner I have become. 

Look what capabilities I have created. 

Are you 100 steps behind everyone, or building up your potential, to come back better, stronger, maybe a smarter runner too? 

And no this is not about being positive all the time. This is about you and your development as a runner.

Ok you know it is important to take time to reflect on where you are at with your running. But that alone is not enough. You need to apply and focus   and please don’t give a sigh and “another goal setting episode” or “another time management story”.  Actually you know that is important. 

Especially if you are caught in a dead end. In a cul-de-sac. And you are looking for  what for? A solution. Well, there is none. If you are in a difficult spot, let’s say you hardly followed your training plan. It is what it is. There is no way out. There is no solution. Time has passed, and the result is what it is.

Or: You didn’t take part in the races you had planned  COVID I understand. And now the weight of your body weight on the scale is an unusually high number. 

The running shoes are maybe tucked so far behind in the cupboard you don’t even see them anymore. Or maybe you have been reading a lot about goal setting, and time management and somehow it seems you are not getting anywhere.

Well, compare it to the runner who maybe lacks your talent, your build. Your experience. But has a pretty clear crystal clear goal. To run a sub 4:00 hour marathon. 3:59. And has a training plan that was regularly used and reflected upon. 

That runner that not only wrote the goal on a piece of paper but constantly reminded him or herself to work towards it. 

That didn’t get caught up in the world of what is the newest app I should have on my phone. Or got lost in the world of training plans, and supplements.  

And then as time passes and the training times don’t improve, and maybe as happens sometimes there is a big gap in training. Then the search and the inquiry starts to happen. And this rabbit hole is an endless one.  Because there is a difference between reflecting on your target and where you currently are or rethinking and exploring different options and avenues. The latter will take your focus OFF of what you have a direct influence on. 

For example, from the business world. There are salespeople that tend to look at outside factors. When you work in sales of course you always have to justify yourself. You have to explain why you sold at what price, or why you didn’t sell, or why you sold so much, perhaps now the company is out of stock.

Then the reaction, and this is in professionals, is that sales people start exploring reasons and facts as well usually as to why they didn’t sell. Why didn’t customers buy it? 

Charts, SWOT analysis, everything to blog and justify why the sale, or projected growth didn’t happen.

Especially big corporations seem to enjoy spending a lot of time on this. Obviously because it helps blogs who have potential and which region deserves more investment. But also, it is a bit of a distraction. A distraction, because rather than sitting and searching for reasons why a customer didn’t buy, or why a project failed, or a run target was not reached. What would be the better cleverer approach?

Well, if today you are miles behind your training plan. Weeks or maybe months were lost. The right thing to do is to focus on what you can do right now to get back on track. What is the one single thing you could do to ensure you are heading in the right direction? Come on, this is so simple. But so often runners’ actually join our workshop rather than just sticking to their training plan. 

Sales people rather than explaining and investing brain time to explain why something doesn’t work, invest this moment in time in the one single thing you can do right now to get back on track. And I guarantee you if you call a customer now, the chances of getting an order are there. And I guarantee you if you spend time proving that the economic downturn is real you will find that too.  Where attention goes, energy flows.

Same with running. You will find the newest secret. Or the ULTIMATE running fitness program. Yes, it is out there. But the best thing you can do is put your running gear on and go for a run. Even if it is a slow run. Even if it is not far. Going for a run, will ensure you are going in the right direction.

The successful runner uses this energy this thought process creates. To make the thought real  ok you invested the time. What NOW is the one step I need to take to get there. What is it RIGHT NOW. What is the thing to do? Stop dreaming and start doing that one thing. Hey it might be digging those running shoes out of your cupboard. 

Wash your run gear, so it is dry for the next day. 

It can be stretching the muscle, using the foam roller. Or packing a spare set of running gear in the trunk of your car, so you have no excuses in case tomorrow there is a chance to run somewhere immediately after work. 

It might be making that one phone call, to a running friend. Hey, can we run? Call your local run club. Join them and then you have a small success feeling. And the way or depending how it feels. Often you might be tired, and exhausted, but accomplishing that one thing. And suddenly as you start doing  I mean let me share this with you. I was managing a business in the UK many years ago. And listen I am a warm weather runner. I mean if it rained, I wouldn’t run. Seriously. Growing up in South Africa the rain well you could avoid rainy days or rainy moments, and if it rained it was a fun experience. Warm raindrops, fresh air. Nice. Then when I arrived in the UK, I mean the first weeks were hectic. Learning the in’s and out of the company, working late hours. Traveling up and down the country to meet customers. By the time I reached home or a hotel, well it was dark and usually raining. And I mean real rain. The type you want to buy a life raft just to be on the safe side. 

Next thing I was 2 weeks behind my run plan. 2 weeks, how on earth could this happen? I usually went running every single day. Well, it was the rain, and the cold, plus did I mention the dark. Yes, I am serious, that’s how I reasoned. 

Until I started to DO. Not debate or find reasons in my mind. No, I actually knew that once I got out, I would run even if it was just for half an hour. And then, even though I was tired, and cold, the motivation would come out of the woodwork, and next thing I would hear myself think well, if I am outside NOW I might as well do a proper training run.

And you know what, I had a great run at the Silverstone half marathon. Running on a racetrack where I knew every corner from watching Formula 1 races. I am so thankful for that experience to overcome a subtle and slow buildup of excuses. That could have easily led to a run season filled with more excuses than runs.

And that is what is meant with flow. Going for a run, when a few minutes earlier you were convinced there is no way you can go out. Do one single thing that will take you closer. 

Hey, focus on it. My UK experience taught me I need more running gear. That was at one stage the best and only step I could take. 

Buying extra pairs of shoes (I remember them ADIDAS, two for the price of one, new opening discount) no more excuses can’t go running shoes are wet. 

Next thing I started to book hotels that were located close to a park so that in the early mornings I could ensure that before heading out to a customer I could get my run in. The whole run plan became tighter, more results driven than racked up with possible weaknesses and excuses. 

This comes or this is a result from visualizing where you want to be. And one thing will suddenly become 12 things you can do. You will become more precise. You will be taking steps, putting in the efforts and progressing. Step by step. Opportunity by opportunity. 

That is what is meant with baby steps. 

Maybe you can go for a lunch time run. Or run to work and back. Program yourself. And how to do this, how to trust yourself, that what you want to reach and focus on, you can reach it. But DO IT. And the brain, the belief, the trust in yourself, this you need to build. And if this is the belief the visualization is working inharmony, you will no longer doubt. 

Have a look at where in over 4 hours of training material we have created a powerful mental toolkit for runners. To ensure you eliminate doubts, excuses and light your fire again. Rekindle it. You will be glad you did.

Perhaps for you it is some story  well actually I know it is. See the only thing between you and your run goal is the pity party or lousy excuses you are telling yourself. Whether or not you admit it. We find ourselves questioning our actions. And this happens when we feel insecure.  Or we rationalize. Well, I don’t participate in races, I am just not a competitive runner. It’s a brain defense mechanism. Until the reasons  become tolerable, or perhaps: noble. Running for competition is not what I am about. 

Well how and why does making excuses react or affect me as a recreational runner? I could now answer and say that making excuses is unhealthy, you want to reach your run goals, but I guess you figured that. Fact is you start to lower your own standard. Plus, each day passing by, is one less day where you can train.  

Listen there is a clear difference between making an excuse, and a valid justification. A runner who is fully aware of his thinking and capabilities, may actually be making a valid assumption when evaluating his actions. If you routinely ensure that you make your run a priority, and you are ready for all eventualities. You even have running gear spread out ready to dive into, at home, in the trunk of your car, at work, and an unforeseen circumstance occurs, and you didn’t manage to go on the important training session. And it was just such an unfortunate day not having gone for your run is probably not an excuse. 

If this is so not you, well pay attention let us go through the process of avoiding making excuses. Whether consciously or subconsciously. You know what will happen if you don’t train regularly. You will end up in mediocrity, having a low and lower standard that you need to raise up to. Your own motivation level is so far down the drain that there is no chance of even igniting it. Even if opportunity presents itself with perfect weather, no knee pain, you have time  chances are you won’t even make that run. Because your brain already is used to another thought pattern that is ingrained and has a powerful place in your mind. 

Before this happens, ask yourself these questions:

What is really behind your excuses? Is it a conscious decision, as in >>I will go tomorrow<< or is it a subconscious one >>where did the time go<< or >>what, is it so late already?<<.

The conscious one, you need to get some support. Seriously. It will lead you to “I used to be a runner” and no one, trust me, no one wants to hear the story of a “I used to ”.

Take the blame. Stop blaming job, family, other obligations. Just take responsibility. You are where you are because of your actions. In this case, not training  means no action. LOL. By taking responsibility, you are on the road to recovery already, why? Well taking responsibility means taking action, and that equals taking control. 

Hey you have your future in your hand if you wish to do so. 

If this resonates with you, just dive in a bit deeper here. Answer this truthfully “didn’t you see it coming?”. 

And is the reason for not training as expected the REAL reason? Because here you will learn a big lesson. The REAL reason  I signed up for a race to prove something to others. You would not be the first person to understand that regularly running 10K is better suited to you than regular marathons. 

The biggest benefit you are about to get whilst diving into these questions is  something will happen. It is obvious you might not see it now, but it will. Because if you change direction, things will start to change. 

Running for your health, for keeping in shape, or to enjoy camaraderie, healthy competitive spirit  is never easy whether you do 5K park runs, or Marathons, nothing that is of special value comes easy to us.

That’s why it is so important to plan your success. To have a plan in place to stay on track. That will ensure that you get up early to run, or get running right after work, even though you are exhausted. But mediocrity, wasting your days, weeks, heck years on movies and series and not having anything to blog for it in the end   

Time is passing anyway, and it is up to you to create your run story. It is supposed to be fun, and success will come if you are passionate about it. Passion takes time, comes and goes sometimes, those of you in a happy marriage you know what I am talking about. LOL 

It is simple. If you are really satisfied with your performance, excellent, keep it up. If not, change it, do something about it before it is too late.

DO check out our run programs on close to 4 hours of online video tutorials giving you hands-on training on how you will help yourself improve as a runner. How you will move forward, rather than remembering good old days. 

Ephesians 5:16 Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Indeed they are, stay a healthy runner. Share this, send this to someone who you know needs to hear this. 

Advanced Endurance Coaching, where we help you become a better stronger and smarter runner. Online tools created for runners by runners. no risk, proven concepts, you are just a click away  hey thanks for reading thanks for your trust, my name is Heiko  remember take it easy  

God bless you and remember to take it easy.

A improved run result due to a improved attitude? And if your first thought is “I couldn’t do that” then definitely you should get the book. The link to the video you know what.. just go to youtube, enter “heiko stribl” (and whilst scrolling stay focussed or you will get sidetracked and end up somewhere you don’t want to be).

Life is too short for that.  

If you want to learn more brain training related tools especially designed for runners, have a look at, you can go back to your cell phone addiction and scroll scroll scroll ha.. Just kidding. No, not about the part. 

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