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You know how to run,  I mean it’s something you have done since childhood, is it not? You ran, played catch with friends, and ran some more and either you fell in love with the sport, and stuck to it, or you didn’t love it and left it, only to start later on in adult life because maybe you thought it’s a good way to stay healthy.

Either way, you both have something in common. At one stage you realized you were sitting a lot. Too much as a matter of fact. 
Just count the hours you are actually sitting down.

actually I don’t even want to do it because I realize with all the car journey’s I sit many hours a week in my car. 
If this is your situation, tell me, how do you make improvements? How do you know what your body is capable of?

Good thing you joined me on this blog, I will tell you how. 

But wait, is it ok, we dive right into the topic or do you first want to hear 5 minutes worth of ads, and ” message from my sponsors” no ads, no sponsors, just my passion for running, and 35 years of experience helping coaching and training runners improve their mindset, their attitude to become a better, stronger and smarter runner.

Seriously, wouldn’t it help making better decisions? In terms of your running, your attitude towards how you train, your discipline, determination without becoming a hardcore “ain’t no mountain high enough”, no we leave that up to the pro’s, Kilian Journet or others what I want to say is, won’t you one day feel proud looking back at your running career, and you know that in this part of your life, you dedicated a healthy amount of time and resources, and occasionally went for your best results.
That’s what this whole blog is about. I have worked with many different runners over the past years Actually swimmers and runners, but the swimming is is a story for another blog, as I used to teach a really impressive approach which was invented by Terry Laughling, great man, passed away some years ago sorry to say but anyway, back to running, running attitude, your best run which I believe is still ahead of you 
By training smart, or SMARt training you will get more freedom, and skill for your running. 

Means, if you look on my instagram account, there are no before and after photos, or runners that have completed some crazy distances. There is no sales gimmick that gives the image of huge distances,  but with listeners in over 25 countries, I am happy to create more content, because I get the feedback that I am onto something that smart runners do know. Those runners that still seem to have that passion, that playfulness about them as when they were many years younger.
And that, my dear fellow runner, is not something you will find in your favorite running magazine.
Not in your “best 10K ever” training plan.

Readers, anyone can create a workout, or from couch to 5K in 4 weeks. That’s also not what we are about. Advanced Endurance Coaching provides online learning tools well since COVID 19 does not allow real-life workshops, yes online learning programs for runners to learn tools on how to teach their athletes on how to overcome excuses, and get into a resourceful mindset. 

How to change limiting beliefs that ensure you can actually run that distance which suits your build, your character, fits in with your commitment towards family, work and helps you overcome those stumbling blocks.
If you are interested in learning some of them first off, like in a real life environment, you need to allocate time. 

Look, you are spending or investing your time to go running anyway are you not? So why would you want to make the run seem like a boring routine, perhaps with a struggle before and a “I am glad it’s over” feeling at the end of the run?

Have a look at our website, and just follow the link to the online programs, there are some free versions available, so you can get a feel for what the content is like, and start with the baby steps  but I am getting ahead of myself..

How did this idea about training your brain come about.. well before COVID, we used to meet in real life, training run coaches how to access and maximize their students potential, how to overcome that trauma of a fall, an injury or a DNF. 
and what great workshops they were, a fantastic learning environment, but hey, with facemasks, you lose the personal interaction, plus the risk of infection is unnecessary. The online program was made not as a get-rich-scheme, nope! it was made as a program that allows runners who realize that yes, the matter of the mind is the top priority, I mean only if I believe it, talk about it, it being a faster time, a new distance, a faster pace, only if I can mentally see myself accomplishing it, hearing myself feeling that pride of, yes, done it that’s what we are about. 

I hear you’re all out there for free so people have been telling me. But it’s usually not the successful runners. 
To find mental training for runners you would need to sort through hours of videos on youtube. and read so many forums, many of them with information that has been copied and re-written.
Here, at advanced endurance it is built up in such a way that you will learn the content fast, be able to recall and remember it when you need it, and feel the benefit thereof.
Each program has a  duction, a short story that will stick in your brain, so even if you have forgotten what the tool you need to use to overcome procrastination for example, I guarantee you will remember the story, the preamble. 
Then once you recall the story you will start thinking hey hang on, that was the story, but what is the tool behind it.
and then your brain will be able to relate and bob’s your uncle.. you recall the tool, use it and get the effect.

There, I just answered another question how soon will I get results? Is that not a funny one in a real life workshop, sometimes someone would ask “when will I get results” now If you think about it, you haven’t been training at a high and consistent level. You struggle to go out and run even on a day where you feel good and the weather is good. 
But hey, fair question.. it will take time, and depends on how much time you are willing to allocate. But don’t limit yourself, because it is a desire inside of you, and if you dont attend to it you will waste time, and invest in quick fix solutions which only give you momentary inspiration or motivation.
Run your fastest half marathon ever, just think positive”.

Honestly JUST thinking positive isn’t going to do you any good if for years you have trained yourself to run the same distance at the same pace.
You will not be able to accelerate and just magically increase your pace, speed up.
Don’t believe me, yes you do, you know it’s true. that’s the heartbreak moment in our sport isn’t it the impürovements take a lot of investment and the result  takes some time to make itself shown.

That’s why one of our courses is called consistent runner. That is one of the main blocks to becoming a better runner. Stay consistent, and you will get results if you apply the tools.

Heiko am I not too old to start chasing a personal best? I have even received lengthy emails where runners have literally put their point of view that it is impossible to get a personal best at 45+ years.
I won’t mention the person’s name, there is one email I am referring to that doubts the readers but come on let’s tackle this one.
So how can I promise that your best run is still ahead of you. 
Surely your best years to achieve top run performance are when you are, I don’t know, in your twenties? Or if you sprint in your late teens? and if you enjoy marathons or multi day ultra events it might be mid thirties, correct? You agree with me here, don’t you? 

 But why does that mean your best run is not still ahead of you? Why limit yourself with a fact that will ensure you know and tell your body that for a fact at age 45 you will never ever run a faster 10K.
who knows maybe you never ever tried to run a fast 10K. Maybe your running ambition has been to just complete a 5K PArk run, and you never thought or expanded your thoughts on possibly running a faster one.
The idea of getting a personal best never occured to you due to some injury you once had, and I don’t like saying this, but you somehow unconsciously settled for less.

Oh, OK I see, so you actually have a logbook or a strava account that is written proof that in 1990 you did your fastest marathon 2:30. Spot on. Well first off, that is very impressive. I take my hat off. 
now just to follow your logic here and stick with my so because you had your best 42,2 K time in 1990 your best runtime is not out there in 2020? That’s the reasoning, that’s the argument. I see.
Well, yes if I go along with this it seems obvious, because after all there are 30 years in between, body muscles deteriorate and only a handful of over 45 year olds achieve a sub 3:00 hour, o what are the chances 
Yup I guess you are right. I agree, let’s pack up and go home. You proved without a shadow of a doubt that you will never ever be able to do a 2:30 marathon again.

Now honestly ho do you feel? Isn’t that just depressing, Imean thank goodness there are no sharp objects around, I just might start to slit my wrists you have proven without a doubt.. it’s over. No chance, no reason to take the next breath even if there is. What’s the use? Let me explain to my dog how the can opener works so that at least she knows how to feed herself after I have jumped off the bridge.

Why on earth would you spend so much mental energy convincing yourself of the side effects of getting older? And proving to yourself that the time of 1990 can never ever be reproduced. 
How helpful is that? How much energy is that thought giving you right this moment? How much enthusiasm to go out and train does that give you right his second especially if the weather is not too great and you didn’t feel like going for a run anyway
Could it not be that, or is it not logical to rather look at it from a different perspective, one that encourages, motivates and stimulates you empowers you hey, it is what it is and unless you are Stewie and have that time machine, those good old days are not coming back, I know, that girlfriend or boyfriend form then, thrust me they have changed too 
But it’s 2020, and this is the time you have been given, this is the age you are at, the moment in time, and you owe it to yourself, the real, you to see despite time flying by, despite injuries, despite growing commitments, that you owe it to yourself, to your standard, your character to seek and strive for the best result you can get.
who said just because you are older or because time has passed you don’t need to go for a higher standard? 
If you are still not convinced, just for a second ponder on the thought, that if in your running life, where it is just you and strava, or to put it differently you, the miles you want to run and time.
If in and during those moments you are able to0 access your resourcefulness, trigger your inner motivation and are able to dig deep when required just picture yourself running up that hill, that one you really don’t like (again, Hills, losing all the Dutch readersers here.. I am so sorry guys, I try and avoid hill stories but  uuuu mmff) so back to all other listeners, LOL just picture yourself running up that hill, the one you really don’t enjoy, and you have tools in place to access that extra bit of performance, to suddenly accelerate, maybe you feel even you are accelerating too much, you are getting worried if you will make it at this pace woooow slow down.. well don’t, that’s just the thought, and you hear a strange sound, is there a car approaching, or is it a plane, and you realize, no it’s your heartbeat oh my goodness now you home it’s a chopper, a medevac rescue chopper, waiting to take you to ER and you keep going, and next thing you realize, that hill is conquered, faster than you ever thought possible and if a few seconds ago your thoughts where to just reach the hill top and curl up and wait for your demise  you find yourselöf running downhill, enjoying the breeze cooling you down, heart still beating but you are glowing of pride, you feel like a million dollar well ok I have no idea what a million feels like, but I guess it doesn’t feel too bad in case someone has a spare one million lying  just kidding.. you feel more than great. You have a feeling of accomplishment, of setting out to increase your performance on one section, and you raised your standards.
Raising your standards by leaning into the situation, by going the difficult way, rather than settling for less, for what you know you can already do.

Just for a second before we wrap this up not like Eminem, no I mean like as in before we finish (joke) just imagine what that approach that you are building into your run performance will help you accomplish in your personal life. Just imagine what those qualities can help you obtain in other areas of your life.
Setting goals, breaking limiting beliefs, leaning into difficulties, reCHING BEST TIMES; ANT THIS STAGE IN YOUR LIFE: 

and surely that decision making competence that you have MUST be used for a purpose of advancement and that again builds endurance aaaah you get it dont you. advanced endurance coaching now you understand to shout out to you excellent, proud of you.


Hey so before I get too excited here, writing this on a sunny HOT HOT HOT afternoon here in my blog mobil, check it out on facebook, a 30 year old Golf, I complained that it didn’t have heating in winter and of course in summer it perfectly H O T so let me go for my run, and yes there is a hill waiting for me perfect evening still over 25 degree 77 fahrenheit, clear blue sky, sun about to go down, this is me Heiko, wishing you a excellent run make it your best one, and hey, please share the blog with someone who might appreciate it and if you haven’t already done so give me a rating on itunes or wherever you are reading to this show.

this is me, Heiko God bless you, and take it easy.

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