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Ladies, I don’t need to ask you. I know you like diamonds. Guys, maybe not so much but if you spare me some minutes of your time, chances are you might make better decisions, run decisions  

Yup, that’s right I don’t promise too much. Latest polls on The World of Sport confirm that this blog helps you become a better stronger and smarter runner. 

OK, I am kidding, who remembers that blog. The World of Sports. It used to feature sports that we as kids had hardly ever seen or heard of. Equestrian events, Sailing, Bowling cart racing, and no, there was no poll on this blog  

But in the 80’s I remember really looking forward to the blog. It was a painful experience if me and my friends missed the blog. You had to wait another week, and there was no chance to ever again see the missed episode.


The diamonds, why did I ask them. Excellent question. Well listen up today I need to expand a bit. And reveal something to you about working with athletes that maybe not everybody can identify with. 

I mean we are all at different stages as runners. Not just training wise, some of you might just be starting to get into shape, others already on top form going for a personal best. But again I wasn’t referring to the physical differences. I want to talk about that gray matter.

That brain. That area where running with a determination and plan leads to personal growth. That same brain that also can make running seem like a hardship. That same brain that can make you experience an on off relationship with running. 

Now in my opening question, I referred to Diamonds. What does diamonds have to do with running? 

Ok, if you are from the states, somewhere in Pennsylvania, then you might be familiar with the Run for The Diamonds race event. It’s a 7- or 8-mile race that’s run every year on thanksgiving, since 1908.  

But No, that’s not why I referred to Diamonds. 

Diamonds, I think that’s what 

Confidence in running, in one’s running ability is the essential quality that defines your hope and faith in achieving goals.

This then leads to successfully achieving something worthwhile, accomplishments in the future. 

The vast majority of physiologists feel self confidence is essential to gaining success and without it, consistently performing at high levels in school, on the job, in sports, and social activities is not possible– Importance of confidence –

We all learn ways to overcome difficulties. But not all ways are helpful. Not all ways are going to make you perform better. Not all ways or steps are going to ensure your motivation is always where it should be. Sometimes it takes a while to notice that hey, what I currently feel or think, is not really beneficial to me. 

Have you ever had that thought? 

Take a second. Think about it. When did you last think “this what I am thinking right now, this isn’t doing me any good”.

If you have recently been thinking about this, or often, congratulations. That is awareness that blogs are guiding your thoughts. And no, don’t worry this isn’t going to turn into a manifesting blog. Youtube, social media, the whole internet is full of  just manifest your desires, Think it, and voila.

Ha, makes me laugh because, I have yet to meet a runner who just thought about running a marathon then went out and did it. Might be there are some people  yes they would be on youtube then as well  headline  I ran a marathon without training here is what happened  

And no, that’s not what today’s topic is all about. Today it’s rather about first off being aware of your behavior, and then learn how to modify that behavior.

Modify   if it feels weird, then change behavior. But working with runners’ I have noticed the word modify is less   or provokes less resistance. 

It’s like modifying something, it sounds more individual and doable. 

But change  For runners’  about their posture, their stride  uuuuf  where is the runner that enjoys changing something about any of those points.

And modify in a way to improve and optimize. But wait I want to use a quote I wrote it down  its in a pretty impressive study that I read about whilst working towards my coach certification  And  well let me read it  by Cruzado & Munoz to promote through physical interventions In this way runners develop their potential and opportunities available in their surroundings, optimize their environment, and adopt attitudes, values, and behaviors useful for adapting what cannot be changed.

And that’s one of the fundamentals in not only this blog but also the online learning, the courses. If you have been reading these blogs for some time, it’s always about doing what you can with what you have. If you have limited time, ensure you have training as a top priority. If you always run the same route, try something new  

But when it comes to the big HOW, how should I change as a runner? How can I develop a mindset? There is a point we tend to forget over the years.

That we grow with a challenge. That we wish to do the marathon and then settle for lesser distances. That we go for regular runs, and avoid the unpleasantness of challenging terrain. That we sign up for a 10K rather than a half marathon, just to be safe. 

What is the difference between a diamond and a piece of carbon? It’s high pressure. That’s all. 

But tell me what do we do when we call ourselves runners’ but don’t include aspects that are difficult for us? 

Why are the streets filled with runners’ on the same stretch of road, running at the same pace? I don’t know where you live  but just think, is there not right now a runner in your neighborhood that you can picture her, or him  and without knowing the person  you can recognize them by their painful style.

That doesn’t just happen overnight. 

That is a runner who never questions their current run ability. Might be the happiest runner in the neighborhood. I am not judging, and I don’t want you to judge either. But you who have been reading till now  come on, there is more inside of you. And isn’t the biggest hurdle to your run training changing into the running gear?

Is that not what stands in your way? 

Because if you narrow it down and you think about it for a second  once you are wearing that running gear you will head out  no matter if it is rain or shine, night or day. Once dressed in running gear, its run time isn’t it?

But now we are talking about achieving your optimal condition. Look, Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

That’s why  any run coach worth his title will always put emphasis on 

Goal setting. The more precise and the more skilled you are at setting a goal, the more I can tell you are likely to reach it. 

Oh and there is a free download  where I created a self assessment sheet, and ok, it’s going to take you a bit of time. If you are looking for something that helps you reflect  but you want it quick,  this is not for you. Sorry, going against everything my web developer is trying to teach me, the internet  needs to be in quick easy steps. Yes,  sorry this download, it will take you a couple of days if you do it right. Because you might not yet have answers to all the questions about how you want to be as a runner. As I said, it’s a free download. And you can get it on  oh  now I am not sure  Ok I will tell you next episode. Ha  great  I can’t remember where I uploaded it. Might be on hypnorun or on no excuses runner but I need to check. Sorry.

Ok  oops sorry about that, but I told you I record without editing  and seems like if you forget where you uploaded the free download    anyway not serious  

Goal setting, obvious one. Then  

Relaxation techniques  hey that’s something that I offer as well  That I do know where it is  that is a bonus section on one of the courses on listenable. Listenable in case you are not yet browsing and trying out different courses  you should that are pretty short and concise. Ah and there I have a relaxation course for you. Well not a whole course but there is a dedicated chapter dedicated to a relaxation technique.

And then  there are affirmations and the effects of positive self talk.

Listen if you don’t apply pressure. If you don’t set a BHAG  big hairy audacious goal   for your running you will always be putting yourself in a drawer where you don’t belong. And worst of all, you might become that runner that follows and likes other runners just because the photos they post on Instagram make them somehow appear as superior runners. 

And what I want to invite you to is to become the best runner you can be. A runner who tests and tries  no not shoes, kit and clothes  That tries different approaches. That seeks how to overcome difficulties.

I mean look, you don’t want to play today’s game with yesterday’s rules, do you? Boring  so how can you change?

By identifying what your current mindset is you are taking the first step towards improving your thought control. Then you should stick with this newly acquired knowledge and learn thought control during your run. 

It’s a different ball game altogether. See, practicing something in the comfort of wheelchair in living room, or where ever you spend some quiet time sitting  That is usually tricky enough to learn, but then to use this thought control whilst running  that will take you a while  that will be a bit of pressure  Because  Once you get the hang of it  and students that work with me or attended they seminars  they would report back extremely positively after about a three week period. It’s just something that unlike my website developer doesn’t believe takes time to grow, to develop.  

And all this I am talking about seems Greek to you. Meaning you think  this is supposed to be related to me and my running?

Or  I don’t know this is a bit over the top  I am just a   hobby runner, fun runner  

ESPECIALLY then I want to ask you to give it some thought. Give your thoughts some thought. Pay attention to what you are thinking about, listen to what you are saying to yourself.

And if you are not where you want to be as a runner  if you have any stories that you tell to others or yourself that start or include the words, should’ve could’ve would’ve  The solution to would’ve could’ve should’ve won’t appear by sharing your story with others or with yourself over and over again. 

The solution will come if you apply pressure. Not so much that you become unbearable to those around you, no healthy pressure. If you never train on hills, start walking up one. If you never train SPRINTs, start sprinting 2 or 3 times during your next run.

But most of all  check or pay attention to what you think. Sometimes we have negative thoughts without realizing it. Which in turn doesn’t produce a great mindset. And yes, your could’ve would’ve should’ve might be dramatic. But hey, you are not alone. And you know I like to quote some Bible verses. How long will you harbor wicked thoughts? That’s by Jeremiah. Means thousands of years back people were struggling with this.

And applying the wrong kind of pressure, isn’t going to get you great results. Quite the contrary. You want that pressure that produces a diamond. Your run diamond.

And that takes patience and perseverance, and I know for certain, without a shadow of a doubt, once you start this  and really I dedicate so many years into teaching this  once you start this process, you set off something inside of your brain. A mindset that goes from pessimism to expectations  actually to hope.

So if you live in Pennsylvania, sign up for the Run for the Diamonds run. If you live somewhere else, signing up   it’s the easiest goal setting you can do. LOL. Then you need to : Train for it.

Hey you see this is really about you becoming a better stronger and smarter runner. And about that download  if you want it  I will check where I uploaded it, if you want a copy in the meantime  send me a mail to makeeverystep@gmail.com   yes my web developer also tells me that this is not the way to do it  I am supposed to say  it’s free, plus if you sign up right now for a limited time only, and as a special thank you  LOL  I am sorry none of that. I don’t bother you with emails or calls to actions. 

Make Every Step Count, a running guide that changes your attitude?

And if your first thought is “I doubt it” then definitely you should get the book.

Doing the basics, is the best place to go to once you are in a negative rut once your minds cruise around the same negative thoughts. Make Every Step Count keeps you focussed on what matters.

And if that doesn’t help, then do what it says in the bible
Colossians 3:2 Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.
Today I had a lot on my mind. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your interest. Do leave me a rating and share the blog to someone who needs to hear it. My name is Heiko thanks for reading.
God Bless You and remember, take it easy.


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