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You know how they say (whoever “they” are) how you do one thing is how you do everything? Now if you are an evasive runner this show will be absolutely spot on for you. Are you not sure what an evasive runner is. ? Stay tuned, find out more.

excuses having runner excuses haver, that is a new word. Yes, indeed the show where we help you become a better stronger and smarter runner. Thanks for joining me, yes it is my host Heiko. 

The proforma runners.

See readers up. If you would read, and follow all the free content the advice that is out there, in regard to running and you imagine how big that hurdle is to start to become a regular runner? 

Just imagine if you are already struggling to get into the habit of running regularly. Of going for a run with ease, without spending 30 minutes 45 minutes doing anything that avoids you getting your running gear on and heading out. Then if you read how many miles you would need to run in what time, and how often, it is overwhelming. 

Obviously its expert advice, pro runners say, Eliud Kipchoge does this so I mean what works for him, right?

Maybe it will ensure you juuuust make it up to a slow regular runner, a situation where you don’t ever try your best, where running is an activity, but the rewards are not really there.

Same thing like blogging, if you read what you supposedly all need, you might never get started. So focus on the real important part 

What my dear fellow runner could that be? Getting the run done? Heading out? 

Well those points are important too, the most important part is your attitude.

It’s a make or break moment isn’t it? If your mind is not supporting you, you are your worst enemy, is it not?

The success of running is decided by your expectations and standards you set yourself. Running at a lackluster pace, leads to a no growth mindset. To improve, you need to develop a new mindset that leads towards consistency and focus on raising your standards.

Oh boy what a build up now what are the steps come on Heiko you promised us.. Heiko Heiko Heiko..

You’ve heard of self confidence, and we all could use more depending on what goals we set ourselves. Starting out with doubt, or I will try or lets see how it goes, mindset is not recommendable. It leaves room for doubt, for failure. But, if you Envision being strong, that is a powerful thought right there. 

Actually if you joined us on one of our workshops, what we do is, you run a 400 meter lap, seeing is believing, for now you are reading, so be skeptical if you like, I have the proof in our database so you run one lap, time is noted. Then we perform a short mental exercise, which basically in a nutshell contains EBS envision being strong. Why EBS, well I usually take a sharpie and put those three letter EBS on your arm, clearly visible, then you run another 400 meter lap.

What do you think? Slower because it’s the second lap and obviously there is less energy? Nope, quite the contrary, the runtime improves. Do you want me to bore you with references conducted by various research institutes? I could, but I won’t. Nor do those runners’ which are familiar with EBS . They feel the impact it makes on their running overall. 

Hey, it’s easy doing this when you feel great. And of course, the benefit is not as awesome when you are already having an excellent day, great day at work, you and your spouse are the perfect example for peace and harmony your boss loves you ha ha. To perform on such a day is easy. 

But EBS is for those days when it’s the opposite, when you may be at the receiving end of negative words and actions. When going for a run is the last you want to do. Actually you just want to crawl under the covers and hide. That’s when you need EBS

Next one, I said I will give you some power tools, didn’t I? So stay tuned 

Have a ritual

Keep your eyes fixed upwards.

Yup that’s it. Look up.

Before you stop reading in disgust, or get upset at this silly suggestion I mean seriously look up? What”s going to happen to Heiko if I look up? I will stumble, Fall, break a leg, ankle, crack my skull, THAT’S YOUR POWERTOOL?

Hang on! Let me explain it and put it into context. 

Now as you run, obviously you look down at the road ahead of you. Your subconscious uses your peripheral vision to tell your feet where to position themselves so that the next steps are taken ensuring you maintain your pace.

What usually happens is that runners spend over 90% of their run time looking straight down, just occasionally glancing upwards. 

Looking downward does protect you from tripping, but it leads to you accessing your inner dialogue, and getting feedback from your feelings, your kinesthetic side.

Which, if you had a bad day already is not going to put you in a resourceful state. You know this, you get bogged down maybe even add more of your own negative inner dialogue, and then you run because of an internal struggle. It’s already a physical struggle

There are some of you that thrive on this, that say YES, that’s exactly why I run, to overcome or conquer your weaker self by talking harsh and strict with yourself. 

Well today is your lucky day, because there is another way oh ghee it rhymes. Now what is the other way? Told you look up. No, not the whole time. Occasionally. 

But Heiko, I will fall. Ok readers you bought those new shoes because you saw Eliud wear them, didn’t you? You bought that fancy runners watch because Kilian uses it, correct? Well did you know that to train downhill runs, Kilian actually closes his eyes for a few strides, to really focus and be in the moment. 

Rather than buy the same shoes, follow that advice, it is possible to look up for a few steps during your run.

What will happen when you look up? You will be visualizing and constructing pleasant thoughts. Which in turn will release a new form of energy, distract you from sudden discomfort.

Looking up, means to become better, to improve. If you believe in God, you will know this. Looking up means trusting and depending you won’t waver even in hard times.

Ok, so I  duced you to EBS and Look up.

Let me add one more for parties sake, two’s a crowd three’s a party. 

Third one. Focus on what’s going well.

How often do I hear a runner cross the line immediately telling me what he or she (yes especially women) did wrong, or forgot to focus on, or what didn’t work. 

Serious Debbie downer moments. Once you just focus on what is not working out, and how your ankle pain is spreading to your knee, and next thing hamstring, or is it your thigh and why didn’t you take a water bottle along, and it would have been better to run earlier rather than now, this route is too busy, hope that dog stays on the leash oh my goodness you see where we are heading straight to negative-ville. Snap out of it 

How, well look at the three letters EBS that are slowly disappearing under your sweat, and then LOOK UP. And voila

Do you know what you are actually doing? By then you are automatically in, or doing, or using Point 3 because you are Focusing on what is actually going well.

You don’t know what’s going well, because you feel shattered? You are just going through a rough spot. Hang on here without knowing you are some immediate positive points: 1. You are actually out there running. You are not building a farm, or crushing candy. You are doing what it says on your t-shirt in case you wear Nike 2. You are identifying and changing your deeply ingrained thought patterns by replacing them with new ones, powerful ones. 3. You are feeling the effect of gaining new experiences, making you  a better runner.

There is no way this system can be sabotaged. Yes, you might doubt it reading to it during this show, but it’s a bit like explaining the principle of buoyancy to someone who has never been on a boat or knows how to swim. You have every right to doubt it sitting in your favorite chair, or driving. But using it, trying it whilst you run, then feeling the benefit, that’s the level you want to reach.

Hey if there is someone you know who could benefit from this, please do share the show, just forward the link, or share it via your favorite social media  or even better, how about actually calling someone and speaking to each other, how’s that for a game changer? 

Of course I understand, most shares, or new readersers come via social media, in over 25 countries, really thanks for your support.

Next time you are on Instagram, look me up at advanced_endurance and no it’s not a super busy Instagram page, but it’s real. No fake followers, no fake pretense, just sharing some sights of where I run, what I see, and what music I usually readersed to during my run. Oh, no sweaty selfies on there either.

Of course if you are on youtube, just enter my name Heiko and advanced endurance coaching and you will find videos, where I share some food for thought, all concerning running, mental attitude and of course mindset. 

Whether it is a marathon review, from races across Europe or South Africa, hey readers I am not a GoPro wearing filmmaker the  videos are full of good content but I have been told I speak too much anyhow . Again, the videos are keeping it real, I am not a Hollywood film producer, but the content is high quality, bringing you the best of my experience as a long distance run coach and the mindset, the mental techniques required to perform on a high level over many years.

But for now you need to remember EBS, Look up and What’s going well 

Three powertools for a better run performance of course you could go out and buy a new pair of running shoes that promise you more speed. Or you could get that new pair of high compression socks promising you better performance.. then you don’t need to invest time, practice or develop a new mindset that leads towards consistency and focus on raising your standards.


What does Philippians 4:13 say? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 is a popular religious message, appearing on everything from shirts and caps to socks and bracelets. It’s so common that even many nonreligious people are familiar with it. So wear it remember it, believe it.

My name is Heiko God bless you, and take it easy.

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