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Your best new year’s resolution doesn’t cost you a thing. There is nothing in this blog I want you to buy, no product, no sign up, no join now limited spaces only.

But let me ask you

Do you really need that TV with 4K resolution? That Camera with millions of pixels because the best pictures that will get you to your goal are made right here (point to brain).

We are after all the only species alive that can take current events, combined with past experiences and make something out of it, and then project it as an image into the future. 

Pretty amazing stuff.

And these images can touch us and move us more deeply than any Emmy award winning motion picture ever will. In our imagination everything is possible, our thoughts are free to run their course. If you are rolling your eyes, hold on:

Most probably you just haven’t done this in a long time, or you are doing it, but acting out of a situation looking for safety, stability. 

Come to think of it, your imagination has absolutely no limits, and there is enough scientific proof that the pictures we produce internally, have an immense effect on our whole being. That’s why we read fiction novels, watch horror movies, and read inspirational poetry. 

But back to running.

Is there a runner you look up to? Someone who’s discipline you admire. Where you look at his or her weekly average on Strava, and go “whow impressive”.

Well by re-learning that skill of visualization, you will improve:

  1. Motivation and self-confidence.
  2. Conditioning and movement execution.
  3. Develop functional routines.
  4. Train for “what if scenarios”. 
  5. Positively influence body processes.

Even to those of you who have struggled with this in the past, I dare you to try again as it will be the most worthwhile new year’s resolution.

Especially if you have reservations about this, follow these proven steps. First off, go run a short distance that you know really well. Maybe a well-known 5K loop around your home, or a 3K run around the track.  

Take a shorter distance than usual, put on your favorite running gear, and go make it a run where you focus on your posture, your stride, your breathing. Perhaps even running very slow, just so you can gather more focus on each and every step. 

The aim is to feel exceptionally good during the whole run. Time, pace and distance are irrelevant. Take in every step every breath and just focus on feeling really on top of it. 

To those of you that know what I mean, great, to those of you that are thinking “what the heck is he talking about”, you definitely should try this. 

After your run, sit down and (Phone off) replay the run you just did. Not just “think about it” but actually replay it in your mind. See how you are taking the steps, your arms, going back and forth, your stride add the sound of your breathing, your feet striking the pavement. And that feeling of perfect running.

Just dive deeper into the run. And you will notice that you can even feel that emotion of the run, maybe here tummy, or in your chest. 

If it is “not working”, which I doubt, you need to practice. Definitely without knowing you, I can tell you we all have this ability. Just might be a while back since you used it. 

Once you find, yes, I can do this, now is the time to intensify that picture that films in your mind. Same as with a photo app where you can adjust the brightness, the sharpness, change the color to black and white, perhaps you are seeing yourself as though you are being filmed. Zoom in, or zoom out, adjust it to where it feels comfortable. 

I personally enjoy adding music. It’s your film, you are the DJ too. Come on add your best track, what does it do to your running motion picture?

Now I know this is not going to give you those 3 easy steps to a faster run time. Honestly in 35 years of running I haven’t found anything easy about increasing my run speed. But hey, the marketing worked. I used to buy those magazines as well. 

But what stuck with me was the power to use my enthusiasm and creativity to use such simple steps like explained above and create a powerful mental tool.

I have used this to set crazy audacious goals. Be it during my 14-month daily run challenge, I used it during my 12 marathons in 12 consecutive days. Still today going for a 7K trail run like I did this morning, or a specific difficult interval training run. 

It has become a wonderful way to prepare me for those difficult runs on cold winter nights, and ensured I never lost my interest or passion no matter what setback I faced in running. From broken ankle, to living and running in some of the hottest countries in the world.

If you are interested in learning more, come join me on With a unique brand registered methodology, to overcome the mental blockade and unleash your best running. 

My name is Heiko, thanks for joining me

Take it easy.



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