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Hi and welcome to another episode on the advanced endurance coaching blog where we are going to further activate and stimulate you running potential, allow yourself to be open for some inspirational content, to become the best runner you can be and one day to look back on having written a great run story
Activating your potential.

Yes, this is something we talk about a lot, often actually. And it is something that I discover again and again in working with runners. How much potential there is hidden inside of people. The source of power, subconscious. Of course, this is not selective because the runners’ that come to me for coaching obviously have some or other issue or concern.
There is something they are not happy about, be it their endurance, or their perseverance. Something they want to change.
Most of the time they have a vague idea, but often they cannot put their finger on it. They haven’t figured out what is holding them back or blocking them, but they realize they need to change.
And yes, one of the tools is visualization. And there are two ways of doing this. Let me give you a bit of insight. By writing on a flipchart the thoughts the runner has expressed. The ideas they have or answers to questions, and of course to the main problem area they have.
Means they are sitting there and seeing what is being written down.
A lot of it is intuition based, but it always ends up being applicable.
It is always fascinating discovering or putting those pieces together and seeing the reaction of a runner who suddenly realizes whow this is what I can actually accomplish. He or she discovers a red line. For me, a coach trained in this process can see it a lot earlier. I think it has to do with having dealt with so many runners from different backgrounds over the years.
What I write down is only the reply. And through this process the runner suddenly becomes aware of what is actually inside of him.
What he can use, what connections there are, and this is very exciting.

The second part of the visualization exercise is done by using methods that dive into the subconscious. It can be that certain images are revealed that enable the client to see his solution or his future accomplishment. Or can identify where exactly that limiting belief is hiding. And usually if the client comes back the second time, he will play through a sequence of events the way he wants the race or the event to happen.

I remember when I was a kid, I needed to share this with you. Imagine, growing up in South Africa Golf crazy country and Gary Player at his best But also other great players came to participate in for example the million dollar tournament. Yes, I know the blog is about running, not Golf. But I am getting there, wait.
And I remember Seve Ballisteros, 1983 he won that tournament. Impressive 14 under par, and he came back to win it in 1984 again. Finishing 9 under par.
And that is when I heard for the first time someone and a professional at that using a mental technique.
Seve explained it in his thick Spanish accent, and he spoke about how he actually picked up confidence. I hadn’t realized you could pick it up during the game. But he also mentioned that he used a recording that enabled him to see how he will play the game.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Shout out to Seve, died at a young age, pity Golf or the world of sports lost a talented player.

This also applies to runner’s who sometimes, we figure out or I learn after reading that there is a fear of heights. If you have ever done a trail run in a mountainous area, you will know that being afraid of heights is not a useful fear to have. Once I was participating in an Ultra around Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. And I recall running behind a very agile runner from Italy. She jumped and moved like a Gazelle. Until she stopped. On top of a crest. I wondered what happened and as I reached her I immediately understood. There was a section, perhaps 200 meters where there was a slope, an immensely steep slope and she just froze.
Not a good place to stop. I said come on, grabbed her hand and hoped she understood my “look forward”. LoL. Fear of heights.
And with runners that are in my coaching room, and they picture themselves being on top of a mountain, or in a plane safest form of travel by the way but through the intervention emdr or bilateral stimulation, or sometimes hypnosis, new pathways are created to first off calm down, and allow other thought patterns to be created. To replace the old limiting belief.
And doing this, it doesn’t take long until the runner has overcome that issue. That is why I am so keen to spread this word. It doesn’t require years of talking to a psychiatrist about your mom.
Means during this visualization we anticipate a different result, a different reaction than what we have trained ourselves to have.
Especially powerful under hypnosis, now I understand many people have a false idea about hypnosis. For this reason, I uploaded a YouTube video Hypnosis Running || Motivation Running Hypnotised. But let me just add, it is all about a power resource of your subconscious. And how to get it. Plus, it is a natural process of the body. It is just a way to get into a state of mind where you transfer between being awake and asleep. Drowsy state of mind. That is what we want to achieve in Hypnosis. And yes, show hypnosis is a completely different topic.
It is to get effect, surprise but Hypnosis is to get or go into a trancelike state, and access that inner working of the brain. There are constant processes running, as happens at night when we dream. The deep sleep phase, REM phase rapid eye movement. And that is where in my coaching I use a technique which is based on various methods such as wing wave, or limbic wave, EMDR tools which are used in therapy.
So using this with hypnosis Neuroscience, speaking here, blogs that this is an incredibly powerful way to gain access to the subconscious. But I don’t need the proof of neuroscience anymore, the first time I felt the effect, and then using it over many years and seeing the faces on clients, receiving thank you notes, and extremely thankful text messages.
And now remember this is about tackling and solving those issues which are not supposed to be there. Fear of heights. It is not natural. Only two fears are we born with: loud sound, fear of falling. All the rest, we learn it.
For many it is a fear of failure. Yes, even for the recreational runner. And this is just one example.
The methods are there to unravel and disconnect the limiting belief “I will never be able to train for a marathon, let alone run one”.
Or “running fast is just not for me”. And these are such powerful statements. These words are ingrained so deep.

This does not lead to a growth mindset. Nor does it lead to a powerful run story you will be able to reflect upon.
And sometimes runners don’t even realize that they suffer from such a statement spoken in jest many years ago. Other times a runner I am working with will come to me during the third session and have the need to get something rid of. It is like giving a new lease of life. And usually, it takes about 4-6 sessions to get a runner into his potential and develop his motivation.
Fascinating stuff, is it not? Everything in our subconscious mind, the filter that reduces a lot to run on autopilot. But to run at your best, you need to activate these powerful resources.

Good resources, strengths are sometimes being kept too quiet. They need to be unraveled and activated. And this is also done through mental images, pictures. Hey and if you have ever worked in sales and marketing you know that those millions of cigarettes didn’t just sell because they cause lung cancer, no way, but that Marlboro man, he sure looked cool, on his horse, dessert. Freedom.

So if we work with visualization, hypnosis or suggestions, something inside of you is triggered. Pictures images of the past come up, and that is just a short excursion as to what you can expect at hypnorun. Mental training for runners’, and I always mention this because there are so many hypnosis downloads available. Millions, free ones, expensive ones, good ones and bad plus really bad ones.
It is important to see how or who is the person who wrote those texts. Is it applicable to YOU, is the subject really relevant to you?
We all feel and think in different pictures. And that is where you identify high quality material. I invite you to check it out, maybe first read some more of our blog episodes, then take a look at our videos on YouTube, and if you feel that or sense this is something that resonates with you, try a free course.

I shared a bit with you how this works in a real life environment, and if you read the previous episode where I spoke about focused energy, you might recall that I mentioned that if we want to reach a specific goal, we need a will to channel and focus our energy. Where attention goes, energy flows.
Means our thoughts influence the way we feel, and how we feel determines the way we act, which eventually leads to the difference between writing a great story, or not.

This means if I want to reach my goal, I need to change my behavior. And if you have been setting challenging goals and reaching the excellent, well done. But if on the other hand you had a bad season, in and out of injury, or just never really got going. Your process needs help. Reflect, find the flaw, and then change the attitude so you can learn a new process. Don’t use your mind to further build mental horror scenarios. Don’t get stressed. Reflect. And how do these techniques work? Well, allow me to explain it in my own use of words. I once asked a brain surgeon to give me feedback on my explanation, and he said it is completely accurate, well explained.
Ha, how do I know a brain surgeon? Funny story, Paul. In case you are reading, I will share this on another blog.

Back to how or why the techniques work.
The brain, the gray mass, has different areas, layers. They are responsible for different actions or areas. Some parts can replace others to a certain degree.
And then there is the principle of neuroplasticity. Which states that the brain has the power to change itself.
That new things can be learnt. That saying can’t teach an old dog new tricks. WRONG. Not only for dogs, I mean no matter how old a dog is they can still learn. Same with the brain. The structures in the brain can change. It is obvious, you can unlearn how to bake soft roll dinner buns but learn how to hablar espanol. And now in our brains there are these crossroads, these intersections, the stimulus forwarding that all happens with energy.
If whilst running I want to increase my step or lift my knee higher to clear a root of a tree, then an electrical impulse gets sent from the brain to the knee, and it lifts.
A lot of things happen automatically. Some things are done consciously, others unconsciously or by the subconscious. And a lot happens at night when we sleep. This blog claims that these tools are using the brain’s natural resources and its distinctive capabilities.
It is not some kind of science fiction stuff that someone thought of. No, these are processes that are within us. And the tools are scientifically proven methods.

If you feel you need additional resources, give Joe Dispensas book some of your time. I think it is called how to create your reality.
Where he goes into great detail well explained how the brain unlearns information, how brain areas get stimulated, blood flows the network. That is what we can and should use. Especially to remain a runner well into the years. And this is the good news. You can do something that rests on natural processes and unleash your potential.

Studies prove that the power that is unleashed gives great results. In the previous episode I mentioned the Sporthochschule in Cologne. Well, there are many more such examples. The results of those that only trained mentally had an increase of 20%, remember?
Hey and top sportspeople use these methods. And you can use them too.

For you, you can learn this. You can unleash your potential. It takes some effort to learn, and it will take over 4 weeks of self-training until it gets embedded in your mind.
The course is long for online learning, yes. But making it shorter just because some google algorithm proves that we can only focus on something for a fraction, or we need a full explanation within the first couple of seconds, come on if that’s your expectation. Rather go buy a new pair of running shoes. Because that way you will not be disappointed.

Yes, I am a bit annoyed, sorry, but some questions from prospective users, “is there not a shorter version”, and I am like “this is the shortest version possible without diluting the process”.
It took you years to learn bad habits, or if you are currently a full-of-excuses-runner, it took you a long time to become that type of runner did it not? You just didn’t wake up and decide I am slowly going to make more excuses to run less and less. No, you had internal struggles, felt guilty and saw potential run time slip away. It took time to get to where you are now.
So give it some time to get out of it. I don’t know you and what situation you are in. But I do know runners that have made a quick and impressive turnaround. From excuses driven to performance focused.

Hey but I just wanted to give you a short overview. Oh, I forgot one of the most exciting ones is when we do a line-up a array whilst in trance, and add certain suggestions which obviously are in line with what the runner wants and needs, and this is then stored and can be accessed as and when required. This is such a useful resource. More than just affirmations. What is the difference? Affirmation is something you speak about in 1st person. “I am relaxed, I am healthy”, whilst there is more and more evidence coming up that blogs the results for suggestions, when spoken by someone else to you, have a higher success rate. Go figure.
Ah, actually the reason it is so is simple, you will nod in agreement. There is a critical border, on what we believe and not, and words we speak ourselves on topics not yet fully deeply rooted or for lack of conviction release self-doubts.

Right now you have a whole lot of information from a runner to you, a runner. Do visit the site or send me a mail I do reply to every email. Except the King of some or other country that requires me to transfer funds. LOL.

Remember, my mind is where spiritual transformation happens (Romans 12:2) Thanks and I hope you are interested in tapping into your inner resources, reach your goals faster than you ever thought. Share this with someone who you think needs to hear this message. God bless you and take-it-easy.

Yup, clever isn’t it? Make 365 days run, one whole year of running Why who or what would you want to do that? And if your first thought is “I couldn’t do that” then definitely you should get the book. The link to the video you know what.. just go to youtube, enter “heiko stribl” and concentrate or you will get sidetracked and end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

If you feel you could use some brain training, which will ensure that your story is a proud one, the check-out , a comprehensive online course showing you step by step how you train your brain to get that running edge you secretly want. I know you do. Let us run with patience the race that is set before us 1 Corinthians.

Hey, I sincerely hope you enjoyed today’s blog. If you did, please do share it with someone who might just need readers to this type of content. 

My name is Heiko, God bless you and remember, take it easy.

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