The Mindset of a Champion || Traits of the Best Runners

Stop. Just STOP. A four-letter word. Can be a word that feels great to say. After a hard training session, or crossing the finish line. STOP. Relief, I did it, completed or finished my run. But there are other times where that same word leads to a did not finish. Or a backing out of […]

Stay Motivated || Running Routine

running motivated

Tell me, what do you think will happen when you get home this evening? Or if you are already at home, what will happen when you reach work tomorrow morning? You have an idea  more or less. You have a inclination as to what the mood will be like  and what does this have to […]

Coaching Runners || Tips and Strategies

mental health

Today  join me  but watch out  today’s blog  we will discover how and what is behind coaching runners’ and using mental techniques  My name is Heiko 35 years of running coaching runners  but  join me but first the into   Ha Ha  hey I tell you what, have you gone out for a run today? If […]

Benefit Coach || Expert Insights

Training bliss. You are enjoying it  especially now  it is springtime. How great is that? And now you are going into power mode. You feel it’s time. Time to go the distance. Time to go further than any human ever before  well no, but further than you have ever gone  Thank you for joining me […]

Secondary Gain || Run Excuses

Secondary gain, a term from psychology that refers to the benefits of being sick or being injured or having a problem. Now for some runners’ this needs more explanation. I mean how can it be that, there is a benefit to being injured but wait first the – Yes, welcome to the blog, thanks for […]

Step up your RUN game

Really, are you serious. ? I mean you; this running audience is over 40, apparently some might say over their prime SOME very close to 50  what does that mean anyway? Step up your game  Hi, my name is Heiko, thanks for joining me on the Advanced Endurance Coaching blog. The show where it’s all […]