The Mindset of a Champion || Traits of the Best Runners

Stop. Just STOP. A four-letter word. Can be a word that feels great to say. After a hard training session, or crossing the finish line. STOP. Relief, I did it, completed or finished my run. But there are other times where that same word leads to a did not finish. Or a backing out of […]

Strength Training Exercises || Runner Should Incorporate into Their Routine


Secondary gain, a term from psychology that refers to the benefits of being sick or being injured or having a problem. Now for some runners’ this needs more explanation. I mean how can it be that, there is a benefit to being injured  but wait first the –  Yes, welcome to the blog, thanks for […]

Guide to Cross-Training || Nikolai Jokic Pro Runners


Did you ever say ENOUGH is ENOUGH? As in this is it. If yes, how did you reach that conclusion? What factors did you consider before you uttered this statement? Oh sorry you thought this is a motivational blog LOL yes actually it will be but you got to first listen to the, Indeed, H E I K […]

Coaching Runners || Tips and Strategies

mental health

Today  join me  but watch out  today’s blog  we will discover how and what is behind coaching runners’ and using mental techniques  My name is Heiko 35 years of running coaching runners  but  join me but first the into   Ha Ha  hey I tell you what, have you gone out for a run today? If […]

Fuel Your Passion || Nutrition Running

Ladies, I don’t need to ask you. I know you like diamonds. Guys, maybe not so much but if you spare me some minutes of your time, chances are you might make better decisions, run decisions   Yup, that’s right I don’t promise too much. Latest polls on The World of Sport confirm that this blog […]

Best Runner || Becoming a Top Runner

Hello and welcome! Congratulations on becoming a better stronger and smarter runner, join me for just a couple of minutes, that’s all it takes. See, sometimes you are stuck in a running rut and you have plenty of excuses not to go running  Let’s change that  Excuses  Aaaah yes we runners’ are so good at […]

You Can’t || Impossible

Did someone ever tell you, >>doubt you can do it<< ouch, and then as if to add double insult to injury adds what seems undeniable proof that it is so. “Yes, actually THAT is true” you hear yourself agree. And you are feeling like Mike Tyson just punched your lights out. In 2006, Karnazes embarked […]

Run With Clear Head || Free Running Mind

What is it that you can do to feel great even if you are currently not running like you know you can or should? So often we don’t know what it takes to recuperate, to get healthy.How happy are you with your run performance? Are you in a good state of mind? Is work, household, […]