From to Marathon || Progressing Your Running Distance Safely

distance running

Running the distance. How to run a marathon if you have never run a half marathon? Or how to run a half marathon if you never ran a 10K. Or how to run 6 miles if you have never run a park run? a 5K or 3 miles.   how to run the distance  but […]

Elevate Your Training || Essential Drills for Running

running jump

A wonderful Good Day to you and congrats, you are on the right track. Why? Well because you decided to join and listen to today’s blog. Means there is something inside of you that’s grabbed your attention  something that makes you curious about how to improve your running so let’s get to it  but as always […]

Stay Motivated || Running Routine

running motivated

Tell me, what do you think will happen when you get home this evening? Or if you are already at home, what will happen when you reach work tomorrow morning? You have an idea  more or less. You have a inclination as to what the mood will be like  and what does this have to […]

Achieve Your Running Goals || Expert Coaching

runner coach

Today as promised last week. 13 power points to develop your running confidence, hey maybe even your self-confidence. Yes, welcome to the Advanced Endurance Coaching blog. For you as a runner, that wants to run longer, better, and smarter. You know this how sometimes you are just lie staring at a hole  not physically but […]

Coaching Runners || Tips and Strategies

mental health

Today  join me  but watch out  today’s blog  we will discover how and what is behind coaching runners’ and using mental techniques  My name is Heiko 35 years of running coaching runners  but  join me but first the into   Ha Ha  hey I tell you what, have you gone out for a run today? If […]

Running in Comfort || Temporary Hardship

It is SPRING yes definitely training in 20 degrees, T-Shirt sunglasses on shorts SPRING how is that working out for you?  I can tell you only two answers. You are enjoying every second, or you are running with regret. Haha yes Heiko is my name, thanks for reading. Thanks for taking some time out and choosing THIS particular blog. Today, […]

Best Runner || Becoming a Top Runner

Hello and welcome! Congratulations on becoming a better stronger and smarter runner, join me for just a couple of minutes, that’s all it takes. See, sometimes you are stuck in a running rut and you have plenty of excuses not to go running  Let’s change that  Excuses  Aaaah yes we runners’ are so good at […]

Hawthorne Effect || Run Effect

So, do you have a coach or not? Do you train with other runners’? You are fine, you don’t need a coach. Ok  You have your online marathon guide. Or your couch to 5K plan. Perhaps you have downloaded one of the millions of free plans and you are A-ok with your training. Or maybe […]

Better Decisions || Better Running

How not to be your own worst enemy. Have you ever been your own worst enemy? Without knowing you of course you have. Because you have been involved in all your major decisions.  Hi, my name is Heiko and thanks for joining me on Advanced Endurance Coaching, where we are all about improving the mind […]