Temporary Hardship || Cold Spring Run

It is SPRING yes definitely training in 20 degrees, T-Shirt sunglasses on shorts SPRING how is that working out for you?
I can tell you only two answers. You are enjoying every second, or you are running with regret.

Heiko is my name, thanks for reading. Thanks for taking some time out and choosing THIS particular blog. Today, I am so happy to finally be able to say YES it’s spring. First off, blue sky’s always a good one in my books.
Trees in blossom, butterflies seriously and as I said before running with just a t-shirt and pair of shorts. How great is that?

Let me answer that question. I said, you either are enjoying it or regretting IT. So what is IT? Let me share with you my answer. I am absolutely enjoying it. What “it”, well my running.
Why do you simply know what I did? Can I share it with you? The past 12 weeks, where it was dark and cold, I followed a strict training routine.

And yesterday, as if perfectly planned, I did well . I was supposed to participate in a race, but You guessed it COVID no race, hey but still, my time mmmh really good.
IT was a training plan to improve my speed, and look, the blog isn’t about me so I won’t bore you with the details. What I want to explain is that I actually managed to pull through the training plan, despite many let’s say distractions.
This winter was tough for me. It felt like that darkness, that real winter nights if you never lived in Northern Europe, or only spent time in South Africa, or Australia, I doubt you can relate. It’s miserable. There are plenty of reasons not to run. Not saying excuses, real reasons. Especially you up there in Norway, my biggest respect for you runners’ up there. During the last Comrades I participated in, I ran a few hills with a Canadian runner. And I had to ask him, “how did you train?” and he lived in Edmonton. That’s pretty far up North, lots of snow. Few hours of daylight. See, if he wouldn’t have trained during the winter months, there is no way he would have been able to participate in the Comrades, 90K hills, and hardships all the way. LOL. Anyway, he was used to it, and basically had trained running in his suburb, the same streets, over and over again. Obviously, the pavements usually get cleared of snow, and there are lampposts. But how, what commitment.

Back to you And you know this, obviously spring follows winter. Or hang on every cloud has its silver lining and doesn’t this happen every year? We get that inspiration off some kind of journal or friends send it to each other. And these quotes, or inspirational passages basically should pacify us.
So we do know, it is just a matter of time. The winter, it’s a temporary hardship. The pain, the hardship, the difficulty, it is just for a short period. And with the right strategy, especially attitude, this phase can be overcome.
Now obviously it’s something different whether you run in Canada where the winters are long and snowfall is impressive, or whether you run in the South of Italy, where there is no snow, and hardly long spells of freezing temperatures. Yes, but I am not comparing, because for the runner in Italy, that winter feels just as cold to him as the Canadian is used to his deep freeze temperatures.

Now why is it that And I am sure you know someone like that. Like the many runners’ that are heading into this spring proudly sharing their stories of excess weight, and lack of training possibilities during the winter.
Of how it just wasn’t possible to run, and oh the danger of slipping on ice, or some low-level excuses which honestly could have been overcome.

And whilst they are talking
They are: Quietly awaiting your approval. The approval that “you understand”. You get it! Sure, it’s true.
Oh, and the approval, you don’t need to say a word, you don’t need to think about your response, because it’s enough if you just nod. That’s the “YES” they are looking for.

And you know what, the longer you listen to the story of icy conditions, freezing temperatures, the more you start to believe it too. It’s like oh my goodness, they are right!
Even now whilst reading the blog doesn’t it just sound awful, running in Winter?

Like when you watch a telesales ad on TV, you know the one where they sell you a kitchen knife. And you know you already have plenty of kitchen knives. Tell me how many do you have? Do you know?
I guarantee you if you watch the right type of AD, and you will feel like you don’t own a single one. 5 minutes ago you never heard of the ninja knife, and now you know you need it. You must have it.
And unfortunately, the excuse makers, the runners who didn’t put in the training miles during winter, those that are off to a slow start in spring have the same effect on us as they have on themselves.
The same principle or rather procedure that is happening inside your brain when you want to buy something, that you didn’t even know you needed, those same sequence of events are started off. Like a magnet, two possibilities pull or push.

Now with the excuse’s maker. The one who spent the winter months creating reasons why not to run is obviously pulling excuses actually drawing excuses towards him.
And you know what, (and I am talking to YOU the “I couldn’t run during winter because ”) it is true all those reasons why you didn’t run during winter. I fully agree.

Yes, it gets dark so soon. I mean who honestly wants to run in the dark? You might trip, or get hit by a car, or well who knows what scary movies you have seen in your life so who knows what might be lurking out there?
There I agree. Running in the dark. Should be prohibited. You convinced me. And what about the cold.

Ah, that’s an easy one to win me over, the running in summer is so much nicer. Shorts T-Shirt lets not forget the sunglasses Uuuh. Back to winter Wearing those layers of running gear sealed off with a wind waterproof jacket. No wait, first finding your gear, then getting dressed, what an act. And then to realize you have too many layers, or maybe too few. You forgot something or can’t find that second glove. I mean that’s a definite no-go item is it not? No glove no run so to speak.

See coming out of winter and starting from scratch, at zero, it can be a frustrating experience. Of course first it depends on what shape you were in to begin with.

Now if you have also been on a training program, some plan, where you actually adhered to it. Pulled it through. I mean completed it. That’s the crux of the matter, and it is so obvious isn’t it. It’s like a real-life puzzle, the one you thought you would finish, but never did see you remember it don’t you?
Well, the same with that training plan.

Why am I explaining this? Because it has got to do with what’s going on in your brain. Especially you, the excuse runner.
You will agree with me, that there is some absolutely great running gear out there, for even the harshest winter. And if you live somewhere where there are no streetlights. Lampposts, then finding the right kind of reflective jacket, headlamp, torch, that’s just a practicality that needs to be solved. You go to your favorite online store, check out the reviews and solve problems.
Or is it? Usually not. The issue is that something in your mind doesn’t click, doesn’t make the connection to actually get changed into your running gear and head out.

Those ads for kitchen knives, they do click.
I am not saying you end up buying them, but definitely you started thinking of your Kitchen knives and how many you had, perhaps even the grip, the shape of the blade.
Well what they do in those ads, and I have been on the other side of the camera and worked with these professionals see they use certain cues that stimulate regions in your brain. That’s all they do. The rest .you do. Means you then start to reason, to debate in your head. You start to become the best salesman you ever met.

How old is your kitchen knife? What’s so old you don’t even remember it? You cannot even recall where you bought it. Gheez means old. And next thing, you think of the advances in technology. Didn’t they say something like that in the ad? And then you are like “how new technology, now I understand” and next thing you really are contemplating buying that knife.

See the sales process is something that happens internally. And this is what or rather where you can develop new processes to overcome the winter running excuse. See, if for a second you imagine your subconscious. The subconscious part of your brain that’s where all the processes are stored. All the things that you do without consciously thinking about it. There are various definitions.
Some scientists say say its 95% subconscious and 5% conscious I like the one that says, its by a brain researcher I cannot recall his name the conscious part of the brain is 11mm and the subconscious 33 km h to you readers in the US: that’s half an inch conscious part and 20 miles subconscious part Ok, so the subconscious, it doesn’t judge doesn’t distinguish between wrong and right.
If it gets the message that you are interested in kitchen knives it will help you find all kinds of information about it. You think google is great, your mind is even more impressive.
And now, if you start saying to yourself that it’s too cold to run. And you are tired. What will your subconscious mind do?
It will help you find more reasons to validate your current thinking.
Yes, it is dark. Yes, I am feeling tired. Oh and yes, the weather forecast said it might be freezing cold tomorrow. So your subconscious will find and pick up on all topics related to your current thinking.
And don’t just think this only works with winter

If you pulled through and put in those runs during the cold dark winter night, CONGRATULATIONS because now you are reaping the reward.
It is easy to run in the sun, and to start with a training plan during spring. But depending what type of race or distance you want to achieve; the time period is crucial.
Especially if already, you are lacking a bit of that willpower, that kick to get going,

Yup, clever isn’t it? Your 365 Day Run Streak, one whole year of running Why who or what would you want to do that? And if your first thought is “I couldn’t do that” then definitely you should get the book. The link to the video you know what.. just go to youtube, enter “heiko stribl” and concentrate or you will get sidetracked and end up somewhere you don’t want to be.
Let’s close today’s wendy blog there is a great verse I want to share with you
John 3:8 “New Living Translation
The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.”

My name is Heiko, God Bless You and remember, Take It Easy.

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