Slow Motion Running || Test Yourself?

Today I will share with you one of the quickest easiest ways to improve your run. and hey, guess what it is a method that professional runners use. And you like that yeah, finally Heiko understood we want to train like pro’s so here we go but first the  

Yes, today I am coming to you live from my blog mobile studio. Always aiming to do my best, giving you my A-game picture a sound isolated studio, boom, super expensive microphone, headphones on. A big mixer, yeah well exactly not. 

My mobile studio is a 30 year old Golf. I am recording it here on top of a ridge overlooking a nicer-ish valley, but it is my home town and actually I know every single track trail best route, crummiest route, feeling lazy bone route or Rambo mode route.

If you want to check out the Golf head on over to my Instagram, if you want to see the valley, or just to get a feel for where I do a lot of my running well since COVID anyway there is a really cool video done by a good friend of mine check it out I will include the link in the show notes, or just go to Facebook advanced endurance coaching.

Why am I telling you about this? What difference does it make? Great question readers, there are so many shows out there. Every day someone is starting a blog, a show about motivation, or inspiration, pertaining to running gear, running styles with some or other promise. 

I don’t know about you, but there are only a handful of shows I read. Why, well first off I absolutely don’t want to hear 4 minutes ad about socks or a drink that will help me to become the next Kilian Journet. 

Then some of the blogs it is a lot of content, but it lacks quality, there is not a lot I can do with it. Some people might enjoy reading ramblings, but you know I prefer to understand who the person on the other end of the line is. It is my mind, every message you hear stays in your brain, somewhere in the subconscious mind. So I definitely don’t want to take advice from just anyone. Plus what does he or she base it on? What values does the bloger actually have?  

And some of it contains too much profanity. That’s when I know this show isn’t for me. Sorry Joe Rogan, no can do. Enjoy your multimillion dollar deal LoL. Sad that someone who attracts a lot of younger readers thinks using swear words is the way to go.

It is therefore that I want to give you an honest picture of who I am and how I stumbled across this idea of making a blog So definitely there is room for improvement. Yes, Instagram could be loads better, Facebook a group and thanks to all those that have offered me their services. But to explain.  These training programs at hypnorum, it’s all based around the workshop, the actual real life training that I offer, or offered before the world started wearing masks, which is in the workshops we are providing runners with tools to increase their mental strength, registered brand RESET Reorganization of Emotional Systems into Effective Transformation.

This program was carefully made into an educational tool, using coaching methods suited for online learning. Hours of video footage, step by step pdf instructions, the. Works, and then finally..put online so that you can learn how to really train your brain, and experience those hidden potentials.

Too much fake or exaggerated material out there. Leaves no room for a real connection. And I have always attracted clients that fit. What good is it if you want to offer someone, let’s say a physio course, high end, and you end up attracting readersers or clients who just want free bee’s. 

That’s why I show you how it is, behind the scenes so to speak. So no, definitely no sound proof room, or mixer, check it out the old Golf and a Sure 88 microphone goes right into the iPhone and I record, gets uploaded and that my dear readerser means what for you: means I focus on sharing my passion to enable people to use their brains. STOP them from thinking about reading a Facebook post that says: be positive.. is brain training. 

Because it is not. No. 

That superficial post might just make you smile, but honestly nothing more. When you are in a situation where you have really dug deep already. Where you made some errors, should’ve eaten sooner, could’ve worn the other shoes once you are in a would’ve could’ve should’ve moment, THAT’S when precious advice is scarce.   

Oh and no, that ad you saw on Instagram for them AMAZING socks is not what you are going to be thinking about, nor that 4-minute sports drink ad that you heard on that famous ultra runners’ blog.

Just imagine then at that specific moment when you are about to quit, I mean you are just about to . To stop placing one foot in front of the other you are just contemplating at which step it is going to happen. That is the only thing in your mind just to stop.

Now just picture if, if in that dark feeling sorry for yourself moment and I mean this sincerely, perhaps you are ice cold, ir rained the whole race, or there hasn’t been shade in hours, the pain you don’t even know how you will be able to walk if you have ever been there, you know what I am talking about and no it doesn’t have to be a ultra marathon, or trail run, hey it might be you are having this type of struggle as a runner who want to run 3 5 times a week, but the momentum the drive the desire vanishes as soon as you pass the first mile. And you are in the same dark space as I described and mentioned earlier.

What if for a second you pay attention, readers up, imagine if in that moment whatever your break point, or is it point break (wasn’t there a movie same name I think so quite a good one undercover cop surfer or something) anyway if in that POINT BREAK moment you have a tool, that ensures the outside will not affect how you react. You have alternative thoughts coming up. Rather than thinking about when to stop or when you will turn back home, or call your spouse to come pick you up, when you suddenly have an option. A pretty strong option actually.

Something that you learnt, obviously you invested time (and money) to develop a process that keeps you running. 

And that in a nutshell is what we teach at check it out high results guaranteed, money back in case you are not satisfied you would be the first though. 

But let me share with you where today’s inspiration actually came from: Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves

It’s a verse from the bible, and this requires us to use a tool. So here we go.. 

You might remember hearing of the Johari window?

Let me rekindle your memory. There are two areas vertically, one is called KNOWN to you, and the other UNKNOWN to you. Then two horizontally KNOWN to others, UNKNOWN to others. The Johari window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. Using this to identify that area of you as a runner that is seen to others but unseen to yourself.

Dadaaahhhh now you get it. 

You see this all the time, a runner comes by you and what do you look at? His or her shoes, socks, sunglasses? 

No way. You look at their face don’t you? Of course you do. And just quickly recall the last time a fellow runner or jogger and you caught a glimpse of his face was smiling? Was her face showing a big grin? 

Doubt it most probably that expression showed concentration, effort, and perhaps concentration. If you would have passed me this morning, you would have seen a look of fatigue. I was in Rambo-mode, but it was too much too soon, so I wasn’t exactly the happy runner on my way home. LOL. 

Funny thing about that area Not known to self, known to others is what is referred to as the blind spot. And that is where there is room for improvement. So here goes.

. Ask someone to film you whilst you are running. Go on, no excuses. You have a smartphone, let a family member, friend, heck even ask a total stranger to film you whilst you run

Go down to your local track that’s the best place

Set up the best angle where to film

Then. What you want to do is, two things

You need to get your cameraperson to film you twice.

Once for example, let’s say picture it before you start, ask your camera woman or camera man to remain standing, and to film you whilst holding the smartphone in horizontal position. Definitely don’t have the person run next to you. Test it. What you want is a stable shot. Good angle. Horizontal means more space to capture your running.

Because this will ensure you get to see your stride. Or lack of it but I am jumping ahead. One lap, running at a normal pace, no pulling a face, no acting, no funny comments to your film producer, you just focus on your running.

Note your time, not for the sake of setting a fast pace, rather note your time so you are sure it is a normal running pace.

And this is what that video footage is going to reveal. Take a notepad, draw a line in the middle, so you have two columns One for Beginning of run, Close to End of run.

First off you analyze the video taken at the beginning of your run. And what you want to focus on is:

Try to make eye contact LOL ok wait, rather look yourself in the eye. 

Just find one word to describe your facial expression. 

Ah if at this stage you are really shocked at what you see, well don’t be. Don’t try to find some or other reason why you look like you do. Also don’t try to downplay it “well like maybe just today I wasn’t feeling whatever leave it a snapshot is just as valid, even more so than a predesigned photo shoot.

Ok, so you looked at your face, yes? Found that word? 

Note it down.

Check out your head position. Is it level, looking down, hanging off to one side.

Then look and note the position of your shoulder and arms.

And your hips, is one side hanging lower than the other? And finally the stride and foot strike. 

Look at it a couple of times, and then go to Video number two. Remember this video you should have taken at approximately 80% distance of your full run. Why not the last couple of 100 meters? Well, because that’s when you might just have gotten inspired to straighten up, you know you are crossing the finish line, chest out, YEAH I made it not a true picture of your urn form, or worse, you are so tired, your last half mile is a shuffle where you look at your run watch, search for your car keys LOL, that’s why you were supposed to get your camera operator to film you juuuuust before the end. 

Ok, the same here starts with the head, and oh did you leave two columns on that notepad good, because now you just add the comments next to what you have written . 

Yes, now again start with your eyes. And yes, it is just a snapshot I know, hiding that urge to justify what you see. Follow the same steps as before, analyze the shoulders, the arms, thighs, and the stride. Especially pay attention to whether the foot striking the ground has changed. See if there is a difference between the hips or how you sway your arms. 

And what this will show you is first off how fatigue affects you, and whether all areas of your run are beneficial to the mechanics of running effectively.

You might know a runner or two in your own neighborhood that has a weird style of running. That’s why you remember him. One guy I see every Thursday has his arms hanging down his side like two bamboo sticks, hardly moving. Another runner (lives in the same street as I do) I am sure her left shoe gets worn out sooner than the right one lol seriously just how she lands that left foot baaam you even hear her coming before you see her because of the uneven rhythm.  

OK, so that was the outside. That was what other and now you can see. I recommend you do this, this video at least twice a year. Analyze and look at yourself.

But now the biggest lesson or nugget of wisdom. Ah with nugget I don’t mean a chicken mc nugget, I meant a nugget of Gold.

Ask yourself, how satisfied are you with that look on your face and overall body language? How much of your facial expression helps you to maybe BREATHE, juuust breathe or Define yourself, or maybe display ease, routine, knowledge of I can do this. 

Relentless, perseverance, and determination must be present before you need to access them. And your facial expression and your whole body language has a huge effect on that.

Its for this reason I want to encourage you to get a feel for what your body position is like in this moment of time. See what you look like, and then change one major point that’s all. Perhaps start with MUDA. If you read the KAIZE blog you will know what it means. Kaizen the process of continuous improvement. 

Yes I actually made a running blog about that LOL ah correct start with MUDA, Muda means to eliminate anything any activity or process that produces waste. 

No, I am not talking about that backpack full of extra gear (where you will hardly use half of the stuff you carry), I am talking about that extra jiggle you do before your foot hits the ground, that funny swagger or arm shake that distinguishes you running style LOL. 

MUDA got rid of it. And this is SEE THINK now with the next video production you will plan to improve  remember the first one you just identified as waste. Second one is where you implement the 5 S’  but from the looks of it this will be another blog.

Hey, I sincerely hope you enjoyed today’s blog. If you did, please do share it with someone who might just need readers to this type of content. 

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all thingsTry again. You can only fail if you stop trying. And lean on this truth – you CAN do this with the strength God gives you.

My name is Heiko, God bless you and remember, take it easy.


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