Exploring the Benefits of Cross-Training || Distance Running

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Last week’s blog I spoke to you about going the distance and I felt that this topic still needs to be expanded upon. You know, like there is still a lot more to talk about than just your mindset. There is a bit more to it  but wait  first the – And this week we really had […]

From to Marathon || Progressing Your Running Distance Safely

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Running the distance. How to run a marathon if you have never run a half marathon? Or how to run a half marathon if you never ran a 10K. Or how to run 6 miles if you have never run a park run? a 5K or 3 miles.   how to run the distance  but […]

Stay Motivated || Running Routine

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Tell me, what do you think will happen when you get home this evening? Or if you are already at home, what will happen when you reach work tomorrow morning? You have an idea  more or less. You have a inclination as to what the mood will be like  and what does this have to […]

Brain Training || Enhance Your Mental Fitnes

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Thursday is the fourth day of the week according to the international standard ISO 8601. It is the fifth day of the week in countries that use the Sunday as the first day of the week in their calendar. Hang on I thought this blog is going to make me a better runner. Hang in there. We are going to get there […]

Coaching Runners || Tips and Strategies

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Today  join me  but watch out  today’s blog  we will discover how and what is behind coaching runners’ and using mental techniques  My name is Heiko 35 years of running coaching runners  but  join me but first the into   Ha Ha  hey I tell you what, have you gone out for a run today? If […]

Fuel Your Passion || Nutrition Running

Ladies, I don’t need to ask you. I know you like diamonds. Guys, maybe not so much but if you spare me some minutes of your time, chances are you might make better decisions, run decisions   Yup, that’s right I don’t promise too much. Latest polls on The World of Sport confirm that this blog […]

Look Up || Run EBS

You know how they say (whoever “they” are) how you do one thing is how you do everything? Now if you are an evasive runner this show will be absolutely spot on for you. Are you not sure what an evasive runner is. ? Stay tuned, find out more. excuses having runner excuses haver, that […]

Do It || Run It

You know how to run,  I mean it’s something you have done since childhood, is it not? You ran, played catch with friends, and ran some more and either you fell in love with the sport, and stuck to it, or you didn’t love it and left it, only to start later on in adult […]

Ideal Self || Runners’ Ideal

Imagine you are 7 years old, and as your dad goes out for a run, you join him occasionally. For a mile or two, like kids do. You enjoy running and join a running club at age 12. Even though you have asthma and anemia, you don’t give up. You carry on running. Not only […]