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Running Up That Hill

What’s keeping you from reaching your top potential for runners’, run coaches, triathlon coaches, and those with a passion for running. Hey it is another advanced endurance show are you ready for: –> THAT running advice which will actually make a […]


Happy Runner || Sad Runner

Running – From finding running trails near you, to the best running quotes, we’ve got you covered.  Thank you for joining me on today’s blog, for giving me your time. IF you are a regular reader thank you for your […]


Look Up || Run EBS

You know how they say (whoever “they” are) how you do one thing is how you do everything? Now if you are an evasive runner this show will be absolutely spot on for you. Are you not sure what an […]


Do It || Run It

You know how to run,  I mean it’s something you have done since childhood, is it not? You ran, played catch with friends, and ran some more and either you fell in love with the sport, and stuck to it, […]


Run Rocky || Survivor Run

  Risin’ up, back on the streetDid my time, took my chancesWent the distance now I’m back on my feetJust a man and his will to survive Sawubona Welcome to the hypno-running blog Do you want to run, faster, longer, […]