Run Heart || Requirement

Last week, what was the blog about? The basics, yes the basics of brain training. We looked at great really exceptional coaches  and I explained that basically that’s what they do. Train the basics. Now what did you do? Did […]


Get Going || Do It

What do straight lines, and structures have in common? Well apparently, they lead to or no, correction  Looking at buildings can give you a headache. It was an article written by John Massengale  and what he states is that, the […]


Angry Run || Stumble Run

A wonderful Good Day to you and congrats, you are on the right track. Why? Well because you decided to join and read today’s blog. Means there is something inside of you that’s grabbed your attention something that makes you […]


Diamond Run || BHAG

Ladies, I don’t need to ask you. I know you like diamonds. Guys, maybe not so much but if you spare me some minutes of your time, chances are you might make better decisions, run decisions Yup, that’s right I […]