Schurwald Marathon || Forest Running Enjoyment

LIWA Marathon

Sometimes you just want to get running enjoyment. Just enjoy a couple of hours. No thinking of time or pondering about distances, just having a great run. Well, sometimes that plan doesn’t add up. Especially if like me you tend to sign up for marathons without any background information. Hi my name is Heiko, thanks […]

Munich Marathon || München Marathon

Runners participating in the Munich Marathon, passing by the iconic Siegestor in Munich.

What Do You Wonder as You Stand on the Starting Line of a Marathon? We all wonder and sometimes wondering leads to fear, fear of failure, or just of the event that you signed up for. Sometimes we wonder because we are nervous or even afraid. Nervous whether we trained enough, and fear of what […]

Prepared Run || Experience It

Training bliss. You are enjoying it especially now it is springtime. How great is that? And now you are going into power mode. You feel it’s time. Time to go the distance. Time to go further than any human ever before well no, but further than you have ever gone Thank you for joining me […]

Temporary Hardship || Cold Spring Run

It is SPRING yes definitely training in 20 degrees, T-Shirt sunglasses on shorts SPRING how is that working out for you?I can tell you only two answers. You are enjoying every second, or you are running with regret. Heiko is my name, thanks for reading. Thanks for taking some time out and choosing THIS particular […]

Down Time || No Running

Are you currently injured? You can’t run? It’s not only your Doctor or your Physio who said that. You actually feel it. You know you can’t run. Even walking causes you pain. Listen first off, get well soon. This, today’s blog is for you stay tuned. Absolutely terrible being down due to injury, Heiko is […]

Fuel Your Passion || Nutrition Running

Ladies, I don’t need to ask you. I know you like diamonds. Guys, maybe not so much but if you spare me some minutes of your time, chances are you might make better decisions, run decisions   Yup, that’s right I don’t promise too much. Latest polls on The World of Sport confirm that this blog […]

Urban Stressor || Practical Process Doing Get Started Do.

Urab Stressor. What do straight lines, and structures have in common? Well apparently, they lead to or no, correction they give you a headache. Unless you do. Just looking at buildings can give you a headache. It was an article written by John Massengale  and what he states is that, the monotonous lines of buildings […]

Stay On Track || Stay In Your Lane

During the last three weeks we’ve been talking about pushing your limit then we spoke about not overdoing it now tell me are you confused? If yes don’t worry it’s all gonna make sense and if you’re not confused but you’re eager to learn about the benefits of having clear specific things you want to […]

Fast Progress || Slow Progress

Last week we spoke about how to get the most out of your practice. Do you remember only perfect practice makes perfect? And did you do the Cooper test? Whilst you debate your answer or your excuse let’s listen to the – Just a short recap on last week’s blog because this is one of […]

Practise Perfect || Fatigue Run

Tell me, what do you think will happen when you reach your home this evening? Or if you are already at home, what will happen when you reach work tomorrow morning? You have an idea more or less. You have a inclination as to what the mood will be like and what does this have […]

Run Heart || Requirement

Last week, what was the blog about? The basics, yes the basics of brain training. We looked at great really exceptional coaches  and I explained that basically that’s what they do. Train the basics. Now what did you do? Did you take a small step in the right direction  if not, don’t worry today you […]

Get Going || Do It

What do straight lines, and structures have in common? Well apparently, they lead to or no, correction  Looking at buildings can give you a headache. It was an article written by John Massengale  and what he states is that, the monotonous lines of buildings. Like picture  Dubai,  Singapore  Hong Kong or Toronto: That skyline, impressive […]

Pro Advice || Do The Drill

If you are not sure even what brain training is and how to go about it, but you have sort of been intrigued by it today’s blog will reveal some secrets to success, and we are going to be looking at some of the most successful coaches, and what they did but first the – […]

Running in the New Year || Next Year Run

This year is over. Finished. What is done is done. And now tell me if you look back on your running, do you have more excuses “not to run” than “actual runs completed” on your STRAVA, let’s change that for the new year. stay tuned, this is the place where you will get set up […]

Fourier Run || Repetitive Run

What do straight lines, and structures have in common? Well apparently, they lead to or no, correction Looking at buildings can give you a headache. It was an article written by John Massengale and what he states is that, the monotonous lines of buildings. Like pictureDubai, Singapore, Hong Kong or Toronto: That skyline, impressive tall […]

Change Direction || Different Course

Tools for your running: a change of directions is something we can benefit from greatly. And the direction decides where are you going to end up, not intentionAnd the reverse is also absolutely true. Your destination ends up which course you are going to follow Which might seem obvious, but the clear your goal is […]

Train Your Brain || Run Further?

More I need to run more I need to run further I need to train more often Isn’t that usually the message? Or it seems to be the complete opposite run less but more intense. And now here we can tell you you should spend more time on your brain. Yes, welcome to today’s blog. […]

I Was A Runner || I Am A Runner

Stop. Just STOP. A four-letter word. Can be a word that feels great to say. After a hard training session, or crossing the finish line. STOP. Relief, I did it, completed or finished my run.But there are other times where that same word leads to a did not finish. Or a backing out of running. […]

Secondary Gain || Run Excuses

Secondary gain, a term from psychology that refers to the benefits of being sick or being injured or having a problem. Now for some runners’ this needs more explanation. I mean how can it be that, there is a benefit to being injured but wait first the – Yes, welcome to the blog, thanks for […]

5K Run || Your Best 5K

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to see how close I would get to my Personal Best for a 5K. And what an exciting couple of weeks that was. I had to restructure my training. How and when I do my runs. When I plan to do specific strength workouts. But what is […]

Build Mindset || Build Mileage

Last week’s blog I spoke to you about going the distance and I felt that this topic still needs to be expanded upon. You know, like there is still a lot more to talk about than just your mindset. Hey I hope you are doing great wherever you might be reading this blog. If you […]

Run the Distance || Extra Distance

Running the distance. How to run a marathon if you have never run a half marathon? Or how to run a half marathon if you never ran a 10K. Or how to run 6 miles if you have never run a park run? a 5K or 3 miles. how to run the distance but first, […]

Angry Run || Stumble Run

A wonderful Good Day to you and congrats, you are on the right track. Why? Well because you decided to join and read today’s blog. Means there is something inside of you that’s grabbed your attention something that makes you curious about how to improve your running so let’s get to it. Today I want […]

Enough is Enough || Transform Your Run

Did you ever say ENOUGH is ENOUGH? As in this is it. If yes, how did you reach that conclusion? What factors did you consider before you uttered this statement? Oh sorry you thought this is a motivational blog LOL yes it is. Indeed, H E I K O is my name. A passionate run […]

New Oppertunity || Investigate Run

Tell me, what do you think will happen when you reach your home this evening? Or if you are already at home, what will happen when you reach work tomorrow morning? You have an idea more or less. You have a inclination as to what the mood will be like and what does this have […]

Thursday Run || Power Day

Thursday is the fourth day of the week according to the international standard ISO 8601. It is the fifth day of the week in countries that use the Sunday as the first day of the week in their calendar. Hang on I thought this blog is going to make me a better runner. Hang in […]

13 Power Points || Anti-Arrogance Run

Today as promised last week. 13 power points to develop your running confidence, hey maybe even your self-confidence. Yes, welcome to the Advanced Endurance Coaching blog. For you as a runner, that wants to run longer, better, and smarter. You know this how sometimes you are just lie staring at a hole not physically but […]

Adverse Run || Confidence Run

Today join me on today’s blog we will discover how and what is behind coaching runners’ and using mental techniques. My name is Heiko, 35 years of running, plenty of time spent working & coaching runners: BUT tell me, have you gone out for a run today? If you haven’t done it. You wont regret […]

Diamond Run || BHAG

Ladies, I don’t need to ask you. I know you like diamonds. Guys, maybe not so much but if you spare me some minutes of your time, chances are you might make better decisions, run decisions Yup, that’s right I don’t promise too much. Latest polls on The World of Sport confirm that this blog […]

Limited Run || Improved Focus

Hello and welcome! Congratulations on becoming a better stronger and smarter runner, join me for just a couple of minutes, that’s all it takes. See, sometimes you are stuck in a running rut and you have plenty of excuses not to go running Let’s change that. Excuses Aaaah yes we runners’ are so good at […]

Navigate Run || Find Route

Before we start today’s blog, just recall your favorite running route. What comes to mind? The start line? The car park? Or some landmark along the way? And by the way, how precisely do you remember the route? I will tell you where this is heading but first a big THANK YOU for visiting this […]

Comrades Alberto || Finding A Way

Am I the only one who has been struggling through these winter runs? And no, I am not talking about those “fake news” absolutely gorgeous moments, Instagram watches me run in the snow with those amazing running stories. I am talking about real life: WINTER. Dark, cold, wet. Thank you for joining me on today’s […]

You Can’t || Impossible

Did someone ever tell you, >>doubt you can do it<< ouch, and then as if to add double insult to injury adds what seems undeniable proof that it is so. “Yes, actually THAT is true” you hear yourself agree. And you are feeling like Mike Tyson just punched your lights out. In 2006, Karnazes embarked […]

My Biggest Run Lesson || From BOLT

Quick, do this test with me? Are you ready? Ok I will tell you how to do it, it is simple to follow and no you don’t need anything but a stopwatch, no pen or paper oh but you cannot do it whilst running. The test. Just take a seat. And inhale normal breath through […]

Running Pictures || Just Picture It

Hi and welcome to another episode on the advanced endurance coaching blog where we are going to further activate and stimulate you running potential, allow yourself to be open for some inspirational content, to become the best runner you can be and one day to look back on having written a great run storyActivating your […]

Develop Running Focus || Focused Runner

We cannot control the outside environment. Hot, cold, windy, we cannot control that. But what we can control is how we think, how we approach tough situations. Where we build compelling future scenarios. I can focus on what I want. I am not a slave to the media. Hey, nothing wrong with watching tv every […]

Run With Clear Head || Free Running Mind

What is it that you can do to feel great even if you are currently not running like you know you can or should? So often we don’t know what it takes to recuperate, to get healthy.How happy are you with your run performance? Are you in a good state of mind? Is work, household, […]

Activate Your Potential || Running Ability.

Become the runner you want to be. Sometimes it happens that a client will comment on my medals in my office. See they hang there not as a blogoff. I mean sure I am proud of them but, there are people who have by far more medals than I do.There are runners that really participate […]

Running in the USA – Where to find best places to run

Should you be using a running map to find the best tracks near you? What kind of a question is that anyway? What does it have to do with finding the best places to run? And what does this have to do with this blog? Stay tuned and find out . Yes it is me […]

Better Or Worse || PMA for Runners’

And you know runners’ like this enthusiastic Emma, like “uuuh I read this wonderful post this morning which just inspired me to do a 10K rather than just 5K’s. Or my personal favorite one.. (not) “Always be positive”, oh yes “I am Paul Positive” and you are thinking, I had a horrible run, and am […]

Running Pulls Up || Best 5K

What was the world record for 5K in 1900? Yes, in 1900 in case you missed it, the world record is 12:35, by Ugandan athlete Joshua Cheptegei back to the question the year 1900, what was the record? 16:30 by Charles Bennet. How this adds up to pulls for runners’, stay tuned for a good […]

Slow Motion Running || Test Yourself?

Today I will share with you one of the quickest easiest ways to improve your run. and hey, guess what it is a method that professional runners use. And you like that yeah, finally Heiko understood we want to train like pro’s so here we go but first the   Yes, today I am coming to […]

Your Run Story || What’s Your Tale?

Without knowing you, I know one thing you have a story to tell. A runners’ tale so to speak. And with every opportunity to run, you are writing another chapter. Question is how or what is the tone of those stories? And why does it matter why make a blog about it? Yes Heiko is […]

Change Your Run || Better Runner?

Running & mindset You are not sure whether this blog is for you? I will give you the quintessence of today’s message. If you don’t like it of course you could go and learn some more swear words from Joe Rogan. The main point for today. In this blog there is just one message: stop […]

Running On Envy || Jealous Runner?

Jealousy ever been jealous, or even envious of another runner?  It is one of those topics the more you spend more time on it, you realize this is deep, whow, it somehow goes right down and before you know it it’s shaking you up.  Yessss. My name is Heiko. A question that often comes to […]

Marathon Run || Why Run A Marathons

What is it about running a marathon? Why do some dream about it, others suffer through one mumbling never again – and some can’t get enough of them. 8 letter word attitude. Come on join me it’s a good 15 minutes coming your way I promise Yes: today’s show is going to shed some light […]

How to crush the 400 meters || Run the track.

Seldom is there such a feeling of achievement & satisfaction, as in finishing a track session. Don’t know what I am talking about? Then you have come to the right place, stay tuned to find out how the track is .. the place to become a better stronger aaaah but first the   and a smarter […]

Why do runners’ stop || SMA for runners’?

Today’s blog will demonstrate a quality that you possess, that every top runner also has. An aspect that you and every champion athlete possess. Yes, you didn’t realize it, but there is one point that is the same for all runners. But first the   Ok, enough suspense. What is that common quality trait? No, sharing […]

Runners’ Zone || What’s your Zone?

Let me guess, when you are going for your run. you think of the distance, how far you want to go. Then next you think of the time, is it not? Hey come on, it’s what most runners’ will think about. But what about intensity?  Welcome to the advanced endurance coaching blog. What do we […]

Run Look Back || Don’t look

In a race, looking back at that runner behind you he knows she knows yes you are tired  you ever had that that some runner ahead of you – and maybe you are just enjoying hanging on to him. His pace is good and you are not in a hurry, you are not on the […]

Run Struggle || Struggling To Run

That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So, I ran to the end of the road, and when I got there, I thought maybe I’d run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I’d just run across Greenbow County. And I figured […]

Running Up That Hill

What’s keeping you from reaching your top potential for runners’, run coaches, triathlon coaches, and those with a passion for running. Hey it is another advanced endurance show are you ready for: –> THAT running advice which will actually make a difference?  –> That content that you will recall during your difficult or best run moments?  […]

Happy Runner || Sad Runner

Running – From finding running trails near you, to the best running quotes, we’ve got you covered.  Thank you for joining me on today’s blog, for giving me your time. IF you are a regular reader thank you for your support, hey give me a share would you? And if you are a new readers […]

Mindful Runner || Zombie Runner

Picture it, late evening, a near deserted street, cars parked in front of homes, and the only sound is a shuffle of running shoes pounding along a pavement as you look closer you see a sad sight, a runner head hanging looking down, and moving at a slow pace, oblivious to his surroundings Sound like […]

Instant Improvement || Shoe Advantage

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PAIR of running shoes? Let me guess, you didn’t need a lot of time to think about that one did you? You knew right away. It’s all about the shoes, isn’t it? It’s usually one of the first topics when you speak to someone about running the brand of shoes the type […]

Look Up || Run EBS

You know how they say (whoever “they” are) how you do one thing is how you do everything? Now if you are an evasive runner this show will be absolutely spot on for you. Are you not sure what an evasive runner is. ? Stay tuned, find out more. excuses having runner excuses haver, that […]

Do It || Run It

You know how to run,  I mean it’s something you have done since childhood, is it not? You ran, played catch with friends, and ran some more and either you fell in love with the sport, and stuck to it, or you didn’t love it and left it, only to start later on in adult […]

Getting it done || Run completed

Do you want to run faster, longer, feel better after a run, hey even look better whilst running then this blog is for you, because not only do I want to generate some inspiration, so if you are currently hmmm, let’s say not so motivated to run, stay tuned. We will make our way through […]

Ideal Self || Runners’ Ideal

Imagine you are 7 years old, and as your dad goes out for a run, you join him occasionally. For a mile or two, like kids do. You enjoy running and join a running club at age 12. Even though you have asthma and anemia, you don’t give up. You carry on running. Not only […]

Run Perception || Runners’ Seen

Interesting how we as runners perceive other runners’, isn’t it? One of my friends commented on his neighbor who apparently runs every single day, come rain or sunshine and then reflected on his own running, as he struggles to get his minimum of 2 or 3 weekly runs in  But actually, they both have more […]

Run Rocky || Survivor Run

  Risin’ up, back on the streetDid my time, took my chancesWent the distance now I’m back on my feetJust a man and his will to survive Sawubona Welcome to the hypno-running blog Do you want to run, faster, longer, feel better after a run, hey even look better whilst running then this blog is […]

Expert Decisions || Be a Expert

Do you know why I am an expert at running? No, not because I am a certified endurance coach, no not because I have various degrees and certificates. I am an expert on running because I am the creator of my run history. Successful multi day run events, unsuccessful runs, short distance with good decisions, […]

Running in Jeddah || Saudi Running

Have you ever been to Jeddah? If not, should you ever get the chance, you should go, and I want to give you some reasons as to why. Hi my name is Heiko, welcome to Advanced Endurance Coaching, the show where I share with you a passion for running and hands on mental training that […]

Running Saudi Arabia || Riyadh Run

Some like it HOT, and some like it even hotter. I thought a long time about sharing this story with you. The running world seems to be becoming or turning into a mainstream Instagram, or social media run map, park runs, marathons everywhere. But there are countries where running is still in its infancy. Where […]

Rewire Run || Effective Run

So, do you have a coach or not? Do you train with other runners’? You are fine, you don’t need a coach. Ok  You have your online marathon guide. Or your couch to 5K plan. Perhaps you have downloaded one of the millions of free plans and you are A-ok with your training. Or maybe […]

How will that help me? || Advice?

You know those new running shoes that you bought? How long did you think about them? Did you see yourself running in them? Perhaps you even thought about whether they will match your favorite run outfit? What were the questions you asked, yourself, the salesperson, or the other Amazon buyers? What were you hoping to […]

Recondition mind || Recon Run

So, you want to improve your marathon time. You really want to excel and go from a current 3:45 to a 3:20 Boston qualifier.  First off congratulations for setting such an ambitious goal. It’s usually those types of goals that unleash something positive and powerful inside of us. Hi, my name is Heiko and thanks […]

Hawthorne Effect || Run Effect

So, do you have a coach or not? Do you train with other runners’? You are fine, you don’t need a coach. Ok  You have your online marathon guide. Or your couch to 5K plan. Perhaps you have downloaded one of the millions of free plans and you are A-ok with your training. Or maybe […]

Better Decisions || Better Running

How not to be your own worst enemy. Have you ever been your own worst enemy? Without knowing you of course you have. Because you have been involved in all your major decisions.  Hi, my name is Heiko and thanks for joining me on Advanced Endurance Coaching, where we are all about improving the mind […]

From Excuses || To Doing

When do you love running most? Perhaps when you have bought new running gear? Or when you sit down to read that new book on running? Or perhaps you really feel deep emotions and love when the run is over.  Hi my name is Heiko, thanks for taking the time to join me as I […]

Running Introduction || Run rethink

Are you over 30, over 40? What is your running ambition? Maybe you are a beginner, or already an experienced marathoner, same question to both of you.  Why is it that you run? Or why do you call yourself a runner? Or if not, why not? What needs to happen to call yourself a runner? […]

Tue Was Du Kannst

Tu was Du Kannst. Mit dem, was Du hast. Dort wo Du bist. Theodore Roosevelt, 26 Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Meinen viele, dass es sein Zitat ist. Aber sein Zitat ist es nicht. Sondern von einem gewissen Squire Bill Widener.  Hi mein Name ist Heiko und was Roosevelt, und Fragen miteinander zu tun haben, erfährst […]

Comrades German || Deutscher Comrades

Was ist der Comrades? Der Comrades Marathon, oder besser gesagt Ultralauf, ist ein sehr spezieller Lauf, welcher jedes Jahr in Südafrika stattfindet. Nur 89 Kilometer lang, viele Hügel. zwischen Durban und Pietermaritzburg, oder Pietermaritzburg und Durban. Hi, mein Name ist Heiko, und heute möchte ich Dir ein paar wertvolle Informationen geben, falls Du planst oder […]

Glacier Marathon || Gletscher Marathon

Glacier Marathon extreme mountain running. Nope. None of that. Quite the contrary. Must be the only race that’s located in the mountains and is run 100% on tar. You get to enjoy being in the mountains, without a single serious incline, but with a great chance of beating your PB on the marathon distance. But […]

Marathon Mindset || Over 40 Runner

Your best new year’s resolution doesn’t cost you a thing. There is nothing in this blog I want you to buy, no product, no sign up, no join now limited spaces only. But let me ask you Do you really need that TV with 4K resolution? That Camera with millions of pixels because the best […]

Step up your RUN game

Really, are you serious. ? I mean you; this running audience is over 40, apparently some might say over their prime SOME very close to 50  what does that mean anyway? Step up your game  Hi, my name is Heiko, thanks for joining me on the Advanced Endurance Coaching blog. The show where it’s all […]

Kraków Marathon || Cracovia Marathon

Today: I need to open with a pity party. Come on I haven’t had one on one single blog where I moan a bit. So please. Can I ? May I let myself have my moment ok? Hi my name is Heiko, and Thanks for reading!  and allowing me to share with you my experience […]

Two Ocean’s Marathon 56 KM || Beautiful Marathon

Bist Du den Comrades schon gerannt? So oft wurde ich das gefragt. und endlich konnte ich die Frage mit Ja beantworten. Klar, an meinem Englisch merkt man ruck-zuck, der kommt aus Südafrika, läuft gerne, also hat er oder ist er den Comrades schon mal gerannt oder nicht. Zum Thema Comrades habe ich einen ausführlichen Bericht […]

Schwarzwald Marathon || Bräunlingen Marathon

If you are in Germany during October, and you don’t want to run a big city marathon stay tuned, here you will learn all that you need to have a successful pleasurable memory of running what at first sight seems like an unspectacular 42,2KM in the heart of the black forest. Hi, my name is […]

Allgäu Marathon || Panorama Lauf

Today I will share with you a really special and not so well-known race in the south of Germany. And let me tell you, If you want to create some unforgettable memories this race could be for you. Of course, you can choose the mainstream events. Berlin or Frankfurt? I mean, yes they are special, […]

Einstein Marathon || Smart Marathon

Last week we got to know a populous but rather low-key event, today let’s look at a 15.000 participant city marathon that makes you smarter. What, yes, I said “a race that makes you smarter”. But more about that later. Hi my name is Heiko, founder of the R.E.S.E.T.® coaching method for advanced endurance coaching, […]